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  • I don't remember if the one I received was a male, but whichever one I have is the one you get. I'm about to leave (It's 12:45AM), but can you receive anytime tomorrow?
    what are you looking for? i don't have much. and i don't have black or white. i can try catching something for you if needed. i'm not a super competitive player so i don't know anything about high IV pokemon and stuff
    Selfdestruct is an Egg Move in Black and White, so it should be able to keep the move through breeding. I can teach it Earthquake as soon as I figure out where to get the TM in BW. What will you offer in return?
    I have an Adamant Munchlax that you might be interested in. It even comes with the bonus of knowing Selfdestruct, which can only be obtained through the Pokewalker or Pokemon XD on Gamecube.
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