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  • It's been a long time since I've played. My collection hasn't grown much or at all since my thread died here. I also don't have one.
    Oh I didn't know that there had been a Japanese event for it. Either way I certainly don't have one. Also I looked and my Mincinno is a male. Sorry I couldn't help you. I'll let you know if I come to acquire either of those things.
    Hey, I actually already got someone to do the move tutor for me. I have a Skill Link Mincinno from the Hidden Grotto, but I don't remember if it's female or not. Also I'm pretty sure Meloetta is unreleased at this point so I doubt you'll be able to find one that's not hacked.
    Loukas RNG abused a saved file for me on an emulator, all you need to do is start the game and finish it completely. Don't capture any legandary Pokémon. All you need is a pc with an emulator on it and a Platinum Rom.
    Draco meteor maybe,not really concerned about that tough just make sure it keeps dark pulse.
    it would be like this. Clone dratini and eevee, I just need the originals back.Clone Deino, train the copy and level it up. Send me back original and trained one. 252 Satk. 252 Speed 4 Hp.
    2537 8410 7864
    I don't have any clones of the pokemon I'll send you; is it too much to ask for you to clone them? You may choose another pokemon from my thread if you want.
    Ah there we go :) okay all those 4 that is 2 credits you have 3/4's of a credit left :)
    Hello Sorry I was pretty busy yesterday because it was my brothers birthday but today I'm available if you can trade now let me know.
    No I don't think that would be it but you never know I have to sleep now so lets try again another time okay.
    I'm in the correct room( I've traded before ) but I don't see you come in at all don't use the one in my sig that one doesn't work.

    3010-3037-4280 < this is my code!!!
    I re-added your code and I still don't see anything I have to sleep soon since Im actually nodding off right now >_<
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