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  • maybe. i have somwhere to be in an hour and a half. just vm me when you get back and i'll respond if i'm here still. thanks
    I need to get to class right now but it will only be for an hour or so if you are free then I can trade in B/W :)
    ok i am online and I don't have much time I need to be in class in a few mins so lets trade ^_^
    well he gave me his pokemon all in 5th gen files :\ and if you could please use the usernames of the pokemon it makes things easier lol
    oh yeah FC is 3267 9709 5069 for 4th gen
    I still have to get piplup in the correct game
    nope Im not busy :) ok so Vaporeon, Heatran, Jirachi, and Forretress for 4th Gen and the piplup for 5th gen summin up to a 2 and 1/4 credits :)
    Tomorrow at 10-11 pm is fine unless you mean your time and sorry about that yes its Hp Ground 70
    Im sorry I can't trade right now since its time for sleep ( 12am ) how about tomorrow I'm not going to be busy it will also give me time to get your stuff in order :)
    Yeah we can work that out :) and just to be sure you want this heatran and this vaporeon?
    (OT:Kyria-45540) lv.50 (♀)
    Aerolin's Heatran
    Nature/Ability:Rash|Flash Fire
    Moves:Metal Sound|Crunch|Scary Face|Lava Plume
    [IMG](OT:Kate♥-11093) lv.50 (♀) *Shiny*
    Vaporeon's Vaporeon
    Nature/Ability:Bold/Water Absorb
    Ev's:188 HP/252 Def/70 Spe
    Moves:Surf|Hidden Power|Protect|Wish
    That is correct :) just shoot a vm with some stuff and all of mantykes stuff is 5th gen :\
    Page 1
    Page 3
    Page 4
    Page 5
    Page 7 some unova stuff

    Kanto ( only Kanto though :| )

    how this works you can get 2 pokemon per credit
    *since Mantykes are free from him and you can only get 1 at a time lets make his mons 4 pokemon per credit ? ok :)
    :) thanks very much you can have a look at the lists I have so far. newer stuff is being updated I have most of mantykes stuff too so if you want anythig there I can give them to you :D
    Im glad you are :) ok so this is what I need The pokemon listed here> Click <
    all I need you to do is Pm me the images of the pokemon in this form just the images okay. here is an example

    you see
    [IMG](OT:Negator-63893) Lv.50(♀)
    Negator's Latias
    Ev's:UT EV's cleared
    Moves:Trick|Draco Meteor|Wish|Dragon Pulse

    you pm me

    and thats it. There should be exactly 100 pokemon in that list.

    use this sprite resource to get the images they also have shiny so when you bump into a shiny send the shiny picture ok thank you. :)
    don't say sorry to me i didn't need anything from
    Damn nope I don't have the shiny one anymore I loaned it out for a BP. Only one I have is my event weavile
    you can place your own move set on it. In terms of egg moves it has ice punch and ice shard. it is flawless and ev'd and yeah I have a shiny one
    Hey rusty I have a flawless weavile I can give you. Just let dawson pick out the poke he wants and you can have a copy of mine
    No, I don't.
    I understand if you don't wanna trade. I probably wouldn't if I were you, my pokes aren't that great yet... I'll hopefully learn to RNG one day..
    I have a Careful snorlax with curse, lvl 50 with standard curselax ev's
    I have a lvl 100 Jolly jirachi
    Shiny Naive Manaphy
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