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  • yeah that is a white fc if you need the ditto in 4th gen yes I can trade you in 4th gen
    2366-0586-4043-Platinum code ok lets do the BW one first ok.
    if you can trade now I can do it now.

    Edit: Just missed you I guess well I think that works if Im on then yes it works.
    I have the shiny Safari Zone one done, but I don't have a way to trade any longer as my DS screen is broken. So my only option is either a .pkm file or the gts site.
    Ok I'll be around till 3-3:30 PST tomorrow, I'll keep an eye out for you
    Congrats on the ttar, I'll be around most of today so just shoot me a vm
    Shiny Breloom: Safari, Repeat, and Fast.
    Non-shiny Breloom: Safari, Friend, Nest, and Dusk.

    You can can choose one of each.
    Hey Rusty I can give you the flawless ditto right now if you'd like, here is the info on it, just no that its full redis, but I'm not the original trainer(here's a link to his smogon account and the giveaway where he states it's full redis). Let me know if you can trade and what FC to use and I'll give you my FC(don't know it by heart lol).
    Yes I have a flawless ditto you can have, will have to wait till the weekend though.
    NICE!!, I can give you the TTar(lavitar) with perfect IV's for a project if you like, just let me know.

    It's great you got the breeding down, now everything else should flow pretty easily from there.
    I dunno if AIM can use hotmail accounts, but we can try that, if not do you have Pokemon Online? We can always use that as our instant messanger
    If you know how to use the IRC on smogon, I can learn it. Otherwise we can use AIM or even Pokemon Online.
    Maybe tomorrow that same time, I got plans at 10 so it would be a bad night tonight for me
    Sure I can help you learn everything for fourth gen rng wise. I might have a calm gastrodon already, no worries about empoleon. I'll be home around 9:00pm PST
    Sure Flawless and shiny work, I'll go through the list later, as I'm really not in need of much and just enjoy helping others. I noticed that you do banners so maybe a banner would be my best payment.
    No problem thank you for your work :D and im sure i'll see you again so you can spend the rest of them credits XD
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