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  • i can battle later today. im usually on irc as Robert so you can find me there.
    Haha, never seen that before. Nice :p
    I'm on now btw (didn't we say 10 my team?).
    Monday is perfect, see you then ;)
    First session we won't do much anyway, I'll just let you do some rated battles to see your "level".
    The second option works better for me (7-10 my time) so lets do that. I can also use both PO and Showdown!, but since you're doing most of the battling, you can chose which one you prefer :p
    Also, do you use IRC, that makes "chatting" easier. If not, no problem we'll just use PM on PO / Showdown.
    Hi, I'm your tutor for this round :p
    When are you able to meet for a first introduction session, I'm GMT+1.
    are you a 4th genner ? cant find any battles at Battle Finder ? Then Join our Group and Get battles at the BATTLE BOX !


    4th Gen Battle Finders ! Where Battling 4th gen battles is common

    "B(4) this group , i cant find any battles ! Now i can Find Alot of Battles ! Thanks 4th gen battlers" Kecleon352


    -BATTLE BOX feature (where you can find your battles / use BB2 if you have problems with 1)
    -Find exclusive RMT teams
    -Make or go into awesome 4th gen tourneys
    -Make epic discussions about 4th gens or wherelse

    *P.S. this group is actually the FIRST & only Active 4th gen group ever since*
    Hey Treecko, we're paired up for the DPP LC tourney. Im gmt -7 and can play in the evenings my time, tomorrow and the weekend are great for me. You can also find me on #littlecup, when can you play?
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