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  1. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    The face is on the scabbard, not the actual sword itself. So, steel/ghost and it seems to be an attacker. Who wants to bet it's too slow to make use of a swords dance boosting strategy so it can't capitalise on all the free switch-ins against fighting, normal, bug and poison?
  2. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    Isn't it obvious though? Fairy type pokemon have something to do with fairytale and folklore mythology. In the case of Mawile, it's based on the legend of the Futakuchi-onna, a woman who's hair becomes a secondary mouth. Jigglypuff is a lullaby pokemon. Lullabies are commonly sung to children...
  3. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    well...what usuall happens to dragons in fairytales? they die! A lot! So I think dragons should be pretty used to being screwed over by fairy(tales) by now. That being said, is anyone else really looking forward to OKOing fairy-type Blissey with GUNK SHOT? edit: aso I believe the new lobster...
  4. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    Welp, fairy type! Very nice, very nice. Gotta say, I was confident about it for some time now and it seems like it matches up to all the rumors so far. Time to get excited about new roles for old pokemon!
  5. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    The 'super effective' text didn't pop up for fighting though, but it did for poison. Why would they draw so much attention to the fact that it doesn't handle poison well?
  6. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    It'd be weird if the new type is really weak to fighting/strong against ice though. I mean why make fighting even stronger and ice even weaker? And if the rumors about it resisting/being immune to dark are true, then Weavile really is not going to be a happy chappy unless it gets some seriously...
  7. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I think her attack was super effective vs Ice, because otherwise why would they have brought up Steel as a typing? -she is not a fighting type -she is super-effective vs ice -obviously not a fire type because flareon = steel type or rock type Then they go on to prove that it can't be Steel or...
  8. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I find it very unlikely that they would go to the trouble of testing out types against Sylveon publically if they'd mixed around the type chart. There's a clear reason for them doing those tests and being secretive about Sylveon's type. They are not trying to show off that they've meddled with...
  9. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    The part about the minigames taking about 2hours to max out a stat is what makes me think those rumors are fake. How would they know that exact time frame? Seems awfully specific. dual-typed attacks also seem to be a bit of a stretch.
  10. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    How come nobody has paid much notice to Bleck's post about Pokemon Smash and the Sylveon type testing they did? Sylveon is definately some kind of new type by process of elimination. The only thing I can think of which would possibly upset that is if Sylveon had some kind of new ability which...
  11. Stunfisk

    My sanstorm team stunfisk set: Stunfisk @ leftovers Bold Sand Veil Thunder Wave Mud Slap Substitute Surf GEHEHEFffkfkfk no really. This is pretty annoying if your opponent isn't packing an aura sphere pokemon. thunder wave + mud slap + substitute means you'll rarely be getting hit at all...
  12. Aldaron's proposal: Satisfied?

    Ridiculous. If rain is such an issue making certain pokemon one-hit-wonders off a single-type stab, then let us ban all of the big dragons, Ursaring, and anything else that can reach exceedingly high levels of attack power in one turn or less. Or seriously, at the very least ban sandstream too...
  13. Aldaron's proposal: Satisfied?

    I think it would help. At least then you wouldn't have to worry about Kingrda AND Kabutops AND Ludicolo together on the same team as apposed to just one of either. But forget it, that whole idea of banning specific pokemon just because they are powerful under rain in combination with an ability...
  14. Ninetales

    Has anyone tried a gimmick moveset with fire spin and hypnosis, perhaps? Though I guess that leaves you with few moveslots left and not much is really scared of being trapped with ninetales.
  15. Pokémon Black/White in-game discussion

    Is there a trainer who I can re-battle who has strong pokemon in a double-battle setting? I really miss Gabby and Ty from ruby. I used to use them to train my low level pokemon using protect and explosion.