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  • Ok I have all of your Pokemon ready, just let me know when you can trade. I need your FC, mine is in my About Me.
    Alright, I'll get to EV training all of them for you and I'll message you when I'm done.
    Wait, so do you want them all UT or EVd?

    I have everything there except for the Abomasnow and Zapdos. If Timid is fine with you, I already have Timid HP Fire Abomansnow. The Zapdos, I just don't want to RNG an Adamant Zapdos and if you're really adamant on using one I suggest you go to user TheMantyke and get his.
    Uhh sorry it took sometime to get back to you on this, was fairly busy when you messaged me and such.

    Anyway, just tell me what you need and I can see what I can do about getting them to you.
    Hey Saboros, I'm going to be visiting San Fran for a couple of days to look at some colleges, mind telling me whats to do in the city?
    oh for the autumn friendly i'll bring my vgc 2012 team, i'll partecipate just for fun so i'm going to use my previuos team. if you notice a friend request on facebook from an italian user it's mine, accept it if you want.
    Yeah i think nationals will be black white 2 only or vgc 2012 + BW2, i hope they'll be 2012 + BW2, but i will partecipate anyway, if it's possible. Are you going to take part in the autumn friendly this year?
    Hi Saboros! Yeah very long time! Here everything's going right, i don't know where the nationals will take place, i hope in the way i'm talking with some friends about setting up a team with italian players so will be easier to go to Milan if the nationals will take place there like last year. there are still no official rules for vgc 2013, so i'm just thinking about some pokemons to use with bizzarre movesets and ev spreads, for exeple a bulky blaziken, because i would make an original team and see how it will work. so, what about you? nice to hear from you :D (ps I'm not visiting this site very often lately, but i'll be back soon :))
    It's coming along, although I am intending on keeping Gardevoir. Sorry if I said I'd use your exact team, but let's say my current one shares the same concept as yours ;)
    I saw your post about the team, my brother would be interested at using it a world's LCQ so if you're interested just VM/PM me the details. Thanks for offering and I'm really sorry you can't participate...
    Hey, I saw your post about the team. I'm going to Nats with a friend that definitely won't have a team ready then, so I'm sure he'd be glad to use yours! If you could vm/pm me the details of your team it'd be great. Thanks! =)
    Hello! I saw that your post about your team, and now I'm interested in it (XD). Could you VM/PM me some more details about the team?
    :/ well she's upset with me too if its any consolation
    I'd prefer not to talk about this stuff here
    Eff bro >.<
    Ik i shouldn't have
    I'm sorry
    but, I never said I wouldn't tell her dude, and you never said not to tell her
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