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  • Then again if Atlus doesn't localize it, no one will since St!ng and Atlus have a deal or something like that. D:

    I have no hope of those three getting localized, seeing as Gungnir's already gonna be out in the states in a month or so.

    I think you might like this. And probably this too.
    I understand, seeing as there's an inconsistency in the English translation (Blazing Emperor vs. Emperor of Carnage, etc.) and the fact Blaze is very dark compared to Yggdra.

    Personally, I'd like to see Gloria localized, as the artwork is the best of the three IMHO, has a ton of characters to play, and isn't as dark from what I've heard or seen. I'd be happy if they keep the original JPN voice acting, Hiro Shimono (Ishut) is probably my favorite of all time.
    Unison's a spin-off (no suprise) of Yggdra Union where you can pretty much create your own army with almost any combination of characters you'd like. It's any shipper's wet dream.
    I know, but if it wasnt the exams I would love to be a student for the rest of my life :P
    So I'm assuming your TID actually refers to that Aegina?

    I love Yggdra Union, I honestly wish Atlus would localize Unison, Blaze, and Gloria :x
    more or the less. I just wish the nintendo company would add some new rare pokemon with different capabilities (different strengths and weaknesses) compared to the crystal onix from the second season of pokemon.
    that's nice bro, good job :)
    final exams in 2 weeks, BRING IT ON CHEMISTRY :P
    I'm gonna see if I can too, but my most important priority is my animation career and my creativity. That's what I need to focus on for right now. Sometimes, my hobbies and my career are incompatible.
    life is fun atm.
    stopped trading actually. I tried to get back into it, but my connection had different plans :P
    I have. But lets just say that I had a change of plan. Because I wanted to do some banner services and find some people to do business with. However, I'm still not available as much as I use to. lol.
    When you're done ev training those 4 pokemon, I'll give you a copy of the karrablast and the shiny Jolly Tornadus. :)
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