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  • So how do you like Team Rocket Corporation. I got a memo you focus mainly on our Science Divison. Which is great. Though make sure to post in our main group so you are in our system.
    Relax, you have my word that I'll notify you of any and all new information once it comes my way. In the mean time, have a good night; sweet dreams.
    Easy there tiger, I was just pulling your leg. Your loyalty to me is quite flattering and shocking, I'm most highly impressed. You pass your first test with an A+.
    They are... The shadows! LOOK! *Pointed to your shadow frightfully.*
    There's an oath you must complete, once joining the Science Division. You can't miss it. It's a thread.
    No, right now I want you to get your head right should Team Aura members show their face on Showdown!; have your best teams prepared. I'll be under the username: "TRC DLM", and will be using my top 3 best of teams.
    Thank you for joining Team Rocket Corporation, I appreciate it so much. I really do. And I personally don't steal Pkmn, but if BattleStar requests that you do -- then I guess so.

    Either way, as the #1 scientist on TRC; overall Head Scientist of its Science Division -- should you need anything just ask. It'll be a pleasure to assist you in anything that you may need and or want. :)
    Why of course you may. And I'm not great. Hahaha. Just click Join Social Groups, do a search for Team Rocket Corporation, join that group. Introduce yourself. Then do a search in the same Social Group area Team Rocket Corporation Science Division and join that. Complete the oath. And bingo. All done. :)
    It may have been an attack or SockJS Bug as Zarel said but now its back up. and how do I join?
    Silver, I would like for you to join the Science Division of TRC. Meaning you must first join TRC and then agree to the oath on the Science Division version of TRC. I'm trusting you, Silver. Please don't let me down.
    I can't connect to PS! at the current moment, I'm entirely disconnected.
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