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  • ..? I haven't been looking at PS. I move into college tomorrow, so I was packing with my mom downstairs. I had absolutely no idea something was going on until several hours afterwards. Why should I getparanoid for doing nothing wrong lol. I'm not going to get freaked out by your threats, seeing as I have nothing to be ashamed of or to feel bad about having done or said. Do what you will, or want to do--it's your call, and I couldn't do anything if I wanted to lol. But if blur was the friend I thought hewas, then I would think he would know I was his friend, and have tried hard to keep things right. Whatever you do or think from what you feel is your call at this point. I've been a friend, and haven't done a single ting to compromise that. So I have nothing to be worried about. Tell blur I'm going to miss him, so if he wants to talk to me otherwise, i'd be happy with that. Does he have gmail?
    Silly Bojangles, you can't ban our IP. But if you want to keep being a nuisance and further deepening the shit you put yourselves [staff] in, we'll ban YOUR IP from your own account. Now try our patience, silly bitch.
    Oh yeah 1 more thing. We're not lulzsec. Nor do we want to be affiliated with any criminal/extremist groups the slightest. We just like using their pictures and slogans because its humorous and rather classy. Nor do we indulge in any serious offenses that they've done. That would be foolish, and rather unclassy. We just believe in having a bit of "fun" and doing favors for good friends like DLM. Especially when this particular favor has been requested by the bare minimum of 1K people. If you think we're lying then do a Google search on Smogon Elitists, Smogon is Stupid, Smogon jerks, Smogon nazis, Smogon assholes, Smogon ban happy, etc. As for our intentions, you'll find out soon enough. And since Mushroomist is an idiot from what we've read on showdown's main page, and drpblur is too nice of an individual to do anything himself. We figured we'd step in and get the job done, and do so completely. Happy sailing, fir sirs.
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    .|________/ \______/ |__/|________/ \______/ \_______/ \_______/

    If I were everyone, I'd use proxies when logging onto anything related to Smogon. Especially Showdown!. Waaaaay too much shady business is being taken place. I'd also avoid Smogon IRC channels. I've gotten approx. 30+ IM's on my Instant Messenger about how mods and staff on Smogon are acting very suspicious. I've been informed a voice got muted instantly for questioning my (DrPBlur)'s ban and mute when Ginganinja started ALL of this by coming into my match with a friend and talking crap, and 20 PM's on another forum I'm apart of about how they're ready to finally give it to what Smogon has been asking for and apparently for a VERY long time.
    If I can get muted by Bojangles (Ibo) for apparently "being a fucking moron" via just bringing up casual conspiracies on how we were lied to about Showdown's beta time existence before the completed project, the "mysterious" DC's, etc. and now this? People getting muted, banned, etc. all for mods essentially keeping things hidden? And those who ask it even in the slightest form catching mutes? Even if they have auth? That's plain petty.
    4 users were banned on spot for supposedly asking for why I was banned from Showdown!, as well as why Ginganinja came into my match w/ my friend; started talking crap to me. Interestingly enough, a voiced-user (will be left anonymous) was muted for asking about it. And yet, people say there isn't conspiracy-based things happening in front of the users of Smogon's "Showdown!" eyes. Smarten up, and realize what's happening.
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ………….\………. _.·´
    Lmfao, I got perma-banned from Showdown! after getting muted for Ginganinja walking MY match with a friend; proceeding to talk endless shit at me. Call me rude after entering and talking shit, and then muting me. And that kids, is why I am telling EVERYONE here I'm done with Smogon for good. If you want to be petty and treat your users like that? Then I don't need to be bothered with ya'. And thanks Blarajan and Snowflakes for once again proving yourselves to be true bros, and looking out for me as NUMEROUS times I've looked out for you 2 and put my head on the chopping block. Have a good one, Smogon University.
    Sorry comrade I have been inactive lately. Please send me another pm of everything you need from me.

    Edit: Also I heard you has some health issues. Best of luck to you. I hope everything is becomes okay.
    DLM , U better get on Showdown quick it has a new server, Its has almost 0 Lag hope to see ya ^_~ P.S. We needs to have our match!!!!
    I might get hospitalized... Feeling stomach pains (right side) when inhaling, and fearing that my right kidney might be failing due to me having advanced heart failure... Either way, I'll keep my spirits high and my beliefs strong. I'll try to keep everyone updated.
    Night Big Bro ^_~ See ya tommorow for (hopefully) our match. Anyways, I will still be needing a teacher, especilly now for Synergy. ~TSS~
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