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  • This is called Co-Op teambuilding for a reason. So. The first thing is obvious. Stall? Balanced? HO?
    I cant stay mad at you, and love the baby brother thing, <3. I am now starting to explore synergy. I have taken a team from someone, and I am now trying to see how I like it, so far Ive gotten 2 rage quits and 0 wins or losses, maybe there will be a rematch soon, but I have to learn more about synergy teams, anyways, Night Blur see ya on PS or here,

    ~TSS~ (Or Your baby bro)
    What are the things that matter most to me? God, my family, my life, my friends, and people (in general). Whether it be walking around at the doctor's office, in the hospital when I'm sick, the people at the mall, people I meet and see on PSN, here on Smogon forums, in Showdown!, etc. Even the auth I've heard whom dislike me so, and try to do ya boy dirty; kick dirt on my name... I respect and like them, even though they may dislike me. People are people, and at the end of the day? What brings us together is a love for Pokemon. We are human beings. And I keep that in mind... Always. #WhatMattersMost
    Ok, but I doubt there will be a rematch any time soon Ill only be in smogon forums in earch for strategies, stalls, and anything else that will help me.
    Blur I DONT want mercy, I hate it next time we're matched up if I lose u better NOT give mercy
    And yes, I know I've said it 3 times for those who are reading the previous message about me chillin' for a bit and relaxing. But 'eh. 3rd time is the charm for some, ya know? So hopefully this time, I'll truly learn to just take a load off and when I come back enjoy Pkmn again. Too much hax and b.s. taking places, and I too have began to lose my enjoyment for Pkmn. u_u
    Well, I think it's that time. I've said it, and said, and said. But I truly believe that I'm going to take it easy for a while. I've come across quite a few interesting things during my stay. Either way, it was a blast. I'll be back soon (I hope), and until then just remember to "Observe"; keep in mind howthe cake is a lie my fellow friends who keep it real. Take it easy, and remember I was always there for the users first and foremost. Call me Kevin Flynn from Tron. The "bold" user, who told the truth. Well, there is zero time to waste when it comes to really rather interesting situations like these. So in the mean time, and between time? Take it easy. <3
    My Mommy is visiting from a different province and moving back to the Northwest Territorys
    ... Please help me find Molly. Hi, I'm looking for Molly. I've been searching everywhere, and I can't seem to find Molly. . . Do you know where I can find Molly? She makes my life happier... More exciting!... She makes me wants to dance... --Please help me find Molly. | ( ._.)/) (._. ) | (._.)... | (o_o) | (@_@) | (>_<) *Dances*
    I keep forgetting to send a GG NO RE to the guys I own online in MW3. Did you add me btw? My name is the_sjcrew on PSN. I've been playing quite a bit these days. Outside of other sporadic appearances, you'll see me mostly on Monday mornings through noon.
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