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  • >_< ok I need you to explain why u dont want me to chat and if you don't I WON'T do wht youre saying
    Thnx PBlur. I did my first battle with the stall team 3 of my opponent pokemon did to entry hazards then he raged quit and I attacked him like 4 times so, its a nicce team. Thnx ^_^
    You have a good idea. Groups should go to war through battles. Too bad mine is experiencing bugs right now :(
    There has been a lot rumors me resigning. I can say those are false.

    Also don't get me wrong.Its fine if you call me Boss, Sir, sire, or Head Honcho.
    DLM, I saw your post. Groups don't actually go to war, all they do is spam each other until one of them gets drives insane. As a member of TRC, you know, TRC is currently at war with Team Aura. S I guess you could get some experience?
    ... I have just seen the most impressive thing in my competitive battling career. And thus on August 4th, 2012 at 2AM? A brand new DLM emerged. ;o
    :< Oh well sweet dreams friend! and thnx Hope u do too! Hopefully PS will be on!
    Sure it would be great if you could clean up our Ranks in TRC.

    Here is a very helpful tip though I shoudl have said much earlier. I hope you are not trying to be a Scyophant. You really don't need all this sirs and boss stuff. Just talk to me like an equal. I think it will be easier on both of us. If you want you can have lower ranking operatives address you with authority, but not I.
    Beside we have big projects taht need to be developed and so far you are the most qualified man I have around. All my other officers and inner circel focus on other things.
    You think you can handle it? You are more in touch with the scientist than I am. So it would be easier for you to spot out good work and keep it updated. If you seen before I let the old Executive of Science make ranks. All power to you, comrade.
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