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    ♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪
    man,I still gotta build my team,but good to know...I'll let you know when I'm ready!
    I'm GMT -2 btw,and I have much of free time lol
    Yeah no problem, I need to have better circumstances next time. Btw I'm on my iPod right now, so we cannot battle, just in case you were wondering.
    Had to leave unexpectedly, you can take the win for that battle if you want. We'll play the rest at a later time. I'll vm you everytime I get online like today.
    yo we gotta battle for ADV ubers tour, im GMT -4 EST, ready to play whenever, just vm me when you get on please.
    YO whats up dude, i'm your opponent for the gen 4 DPP OU tournament. when do you want to battle? and on what server? Does 12 PM US Eastern this Friday on PO server work for you? email me at your preferred time cuz I don't always check my forums account. thanks dude.
    yo you've been subbed in my tournament please check the thread and contact your opponent ASAP!
    hey i need your advice, for catching a lugia and training it should i want the iv's to be in his attack or should i aim for further more strengthening its defense skills. i know i can have 31 for 3 of them which is best pick to shoot for?One more question is i have a rayquaza that only has 31 hidden power. does ev's help increase hidden power? and if i cant do anything about this should i just try to get a rayquaza that does have a good hidden power?
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