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  • On Smogon University:
    (23:26:10) +RankingBot: Your rank in Dream World OU is 19/2739!
    (Yeah, I'm posting these myself because then I remember lol)
    " Remember the guy on pokebeach who had some "spoilers" which nobody believed in the end. He predicted 3vs3 battles at least... He also said that the third legendary is going to be a green snake, which would make sense in a mythological way. Perhaps this guy is meant to match that snake in his look. xD"

    You're thinking of Martijngamer, but you've misunderstood. Two weeks prior to him coming and posting his "insider info", we recieved the 3v3 battle info from a Japanese forum; the same ones who predicted a Team Plasma, 150 new pokes, and female professor.

    Martijn's information was NOT that, if you'd like me to quote his posts then I can. They've already exposed him as a troll, I don't know why anyone believed him in the first place for claiming dA fanart as official. =/
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