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  • lol, i lived with 8hp.. Im gonna be posting those matches on youtube sometime this week lol
    I'll add u on PsN , my name there includes also a 96 and Begins with a , so you know who i am :D
    Well it adds balance, the first one was outrageous with all the hacked guns going on, that the stuff ingame was pointless. 20 bucks....... thats a steal.. damn... NICE!
    In borderlands 2 It sucked they patched all the leveling exploits. And finally a farming system for bosses. But now they patched it so the good bosses that drop oranges are like impossible to kil!!!
    Yes join the borderlands army. Rumor is they're working on 3 already. And I bought skyrim for 20 bucks on black Friday. Sweet deal eh?
    I wanted to get into Skyrim but Im currently on Dragon Dogma. Skyrim can lives I hear. It never ends. I also need to get into the new Borderlands, i fell in love with the first one.
    I play lots of skyrim bo2, and occasionally super street fighter 4. Oh and I'm a borderlands 2 fanatic.
    haha, thx =] I usually play fighting games, like marvel vs capcom, tekken, street fighter. I also playing mw3, i have bo2.. but i sold it. I also play rpg's. You?
    By psn are you reffering to ps3. There's this online battle simulator for pokemon called pokemon showdown aka Ps. Just asking.
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