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  • I'm on everyday from 5 to 6 pacific time zone. How does and OU battle Sound?
    yeah getting rid of heatran is huge and earthquake KOs all but the defensive version, and i like the switch back to hp fire because honestly getting walled by scizor or walled and paralyzed by jirachi sucks, especially now that i use donphan to switch in vs dragons anyway, 2HKO on dragonite and that means it cant boost enough to outspeed charizard who still has hp ice. right now im using earthquake hp fire giga drain and growth
    what do you think of me going back to HP fire? all these scizors and jirachis can be a pain, i still have dophan for dragons... i mean the ohko is cool but losing to or being forced out by steels and other grass types sucks. i suppose i should try it... keeping earthquake for sure tho
    yeah i made the switch, and he is actually naive nature so i bumped him up a few to make him 264 speed, 252 would be 284 and probably not hit hard enough, and yeah you can steal him if you want
    yeah definitely, we each destroyed eachother and then finished up with a close one... do you think i should add a little speed to my venusaur? well played cloyster wrecks me and im not sure if i would be missing any key KOs by moving 12 evs around
    hey did you save the video of that last battle by any chance? it was a good one, i forgot to :(
    OMG your an idiot, I told you at the starting i dont care about winning i even said use whatever you want i just wanted to test a team and have fun. And when you disconnect (like a bitch) its not fun. The difference between me and you is, when I've done something wrong i immediately admit it. When you do something wrong. you try and make excuses like a little kid. Probably because you are one so I'm done talking to you
    Wow. Your a class act. First making false claims and then calling people names over a kids game. Get over yourself. I don't care about winning or losing I just want to have fun playing but when someone starts accusing you of cheating it makes it not fun so that's when you quit when someone takes the fun out of it.
    Ya and then i would have done exactly what i did and admited i was wrong and apologized for it after i realized it. You still have no excuse for ignoring my simple request to check and for being a (BAN ME PLEASE) DC
    And even if you told me how to check you would still have called it hacked bevause you didn't know his real max speed
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