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  • Maybe later. I cannot battle right now 'cause I'm at my grandma's house and PS! works badly here.
    You sure can, but my alt is UnfreezZ and he us more your time zobe, so if you see him and not me, gonfor him
    yeah remember i used the ultra powerful flamethrower and then your surf didnt do much? you had that walrien with almost no hp and it was poisoned and then regice at full because u used rest before i baton passed to charizard and you switched to hydreigon
    yeah i suppose so i was just saying in general i mean i use charizard (hes NU) and it takes alot to support him (ninetales, espeon and donphan) which takes up spots that could be occupied by more powerful pokemon just to support a bad one but zard is my favorite and i like using him
    wait charizard killed hydreigon. anyway good game lol ima just hope for a complete stat rework or something for gen 6 and hope they make charizard actually good haha. anyway lets battle again soon!
    i had espeon at like 9/10 full health and venusaur at like 90 hp, espeon has HP fire on it
    yeah lets you pass on boosts. anyway that kinda proved my point. personally i thought i played that really well, magic bouncing toxics back, getting rocks set up, passing boosts ect. but idk if i would have even won what. i think im probably just out gunned, what do you think?
    charizard gets a 50% boost to SpA from sun, water attacks get -50% and i had +2 special attack and +2 special defense from baton passing calm minds
    hmm thought you would switch back and get me stuck on hp ice so i used flamthrower, worked ok tho
    yeah i guess its just that my team is so reliant on sun (charizard and venusaur are pretty bad without it) so i want to get it up as soon as i can since you dont have a weather inducer of your own. idk sun is the worst weather and im not even using the best ones available. tbh ive been fine with sacrificing ninetales for walrien or whoever, tbh if you led with dragonite or someone who can boost id have a much harder time
    meh one more? if i lose ill just make some lame ass rain team packed with overpowered legendaries for when i battle good people
    well my decisions are fine i just need to not use shit like charizard if i wanna actually be good. my team is just bad... like remember a few battles ago when i magic bounced like 3 statuses to you with prediction and only won on the last move? idk i wish i could actually be good using my favorites
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