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  1. Metagame NP: RU Stage 14: The Distance (Abomasite and Sharpedo Banned)

    Good lord, Sharpedo is ridiculous. Dark pulse is such an easy move to spam, and everything else gets blasted by hydro pump or ice beam. I see no reason not to use this thing on every single offensive team I make. Yeah, it's frail as balls but it's almost impossible to revenge kill if you don't...
  2. Gen 3 ADV NU Viability Ranking

    It's simply due to its initial speed being higher than any other viable water type in the tier. Base 85 is pretty decent.
  3. Resource ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V3 - Read Post 3451 Page 139

    Altaria dropping? I feel like this is some absurd joke that I'm not in on. The most self sufficient dragon dancer ever with amazing unique typing and all of the tools it needs to blow away its checks somehow deserves to drop because reasons? No. Also, Weavile is clearly A+ material. The best...
  4. All Gens Pokemon Through the Ages: Flygon

    I love spamming blizzard with articuno in RBY. Other than that, I never found much use for my favorite legendary bird. I tried to make it work in 5th gen NU, which was the metagame I was most proficient at, but there were approximately zero good spinners so it was always at a disadvantage. Its...
  5. np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - Spider Man [Metagrossite remains OU]

    We're not going to be able to whittle the metagame down to the point where every pokemon has a 100% counter. What's your Pikachu counter? You don't know if it's special or physical or even mixed. it can run knock off, focus punch, extreme speed, hidden power fire, hell you even have to watch out...
  6. Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V3) (Rank changes are over until ORAS)

    To the ugly frog plant's credit, there's a reason those mons are using psychic and flying coverage.
  7. Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V3) (Rank changes are over until ORAS)

    Mega Aerodactyl to B+ needs to be a thing. It fairs well against any play style with its super fast taunt and roost, ability to run Adamant/bulk because of its troll level speed, and it has amazing coverage with which to revenge kill the likes of Greninja, Keldeo, the lati's, Landorus, Thundurus...
  8. Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V2) (Last update on post #5189)

    I'd like to welcome Starmie back from the land of obscurity. Finally some competition for Excadrill in the Rapid Spin department, with the niche of outspeeding and OHKO'ing Gengar, reliable recovery, status impunity/analytic boosts, and fantastic coverage options, not to mention its respectable...
  9. Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V2) (Last update on post #5189)

    S rank is already an elite class of Pokemon with very few members. Dividing them even further seems highly unnecessary.
  10. Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

    Doing "very good" apparently means quitting within ten turns.
  11. Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V2) (Last update on post #5189)

    Simply cannot agree with Heatran moving down. Its typing is amazing, it's arguably the best rocks setter not named Deoxys, it can phaze and wear down key threats reliably with Roar, Toxic, Taunt, will-o-wisp, etc. Even uninvested, it maintains a strong offensive presence, and then of course you...
  12. Pokémon Landorus-Incarnate

    You should be running 0 attack IV's on Landorus anyway, so that brings it down to 34 - 40.3%. Little better.
  13. Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

    A normal 3rd gen match ...
  14. Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    If you're going to run specs Charizard, don't give it 4 HP EV's.
  15. Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

    "Muk wannabe"? Why would you want to be Muk? That's one of the shittiest designs of any Pokemon. Clearly someone has on Gen 1 colored glasses. "I'm a bad player, but at least I know what moves are good." Owned.