Seven Deadly Sins

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  • You're more than half-way through your Volarona revamp - can you finish it off soon?
    Hey, I'm your tutee this round. I'm free this weekend at almost all times except Saturday from 7 - 9 gmt -6. If you can't do this weekend what times will be good for you?
    Hey, when will you be able to do our tutoring sessions? It seems that you are pretty busy now, but could you tell me when you will be able to tutor me?
    Hi, you're my dpp ou tutor, when and how would you like to do the tutoring?
    SDS, are you aware that your OU Volcarona has 2 QC approvals, so you can start writing this up?
    Idk how active I'll be later tonight, since I need to prepare for tomorrow's exam. I wouldn't mind if you tweak with Roserade's overview however you desire. You can also PM me with the specific changes that you want to see. Whatever works for you ;P
    hey, I can write mamo; is there a copy of the skeleton somewhere or am I just supposed to work off the information in the author's writeup? if you or another c&c mod could grab the skeleton from the edit history that would be great.
    So I guess maybe we should make up a schedule of when we can meet up for tutoring sessions. I can be on IRC from like 4pm-12am every night, but I only have PO on weekends. And on weekends, I can be on like all day.
    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you're my tutor for B101 Round 69. We got matched up. Thanks again for accepting me :) I'm really excited to learn some stuff =D
    wow i can't believe it's been more than a year since i posted something obnoxious on your wall, but in this case im sure the notification is nuisance enough so my work here is done
    Seems we have a big difference with our GMT. What do you think about Saturday evening (my time, +1) ?
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