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  • If I were you I would clone (Not sure if you know how to do that) your Pokemon, and then bring one copy of each to gen 6. So you can have a copy of your RNG'd monster in both past gens and on current gen.

    Also, I'm sure alot of people would be interested in your Pokemon. Depending on the Pokemon they're caught at.
    Hi :D
    Everything is there, you should also ask 7014gree for help about ID/SID combo Rnging in 3rd gen since it's possible on emulator :P I could help you too if he's busy.
    I've added some info in your guide here and there like all the addresses for the party slots. I'm so glad you're back :D
    Wow 0.o Wb you better fix your trade thread for your guide, also im doing some sav's in 3 gen so i can get some pokes too =x
    Nice guide ShadowHunter shame it's lost now..i saw your post on karmee thread..i think the best mew are caught by either eppie or musicmeister..i have some good spreads too(300 save files) but i haven't got time to catch them..if you want i can send you the excel file
    hi! i saw you won the great bold flawless celebi at kazo's giveaway! I wonder if you'd like a shiny bold blissey captured with the heal ball which you asked on your wants! if it's ok for you, let me know
    P.S. my game ID/SID is 41718/07146, useful for a timid/bold shiny spread of 31/14/31/31/31/31 and it has been regularly manipulated at the beginning of the game!
    if you need also the PID to verify, it is c5ee7cf6!
    Hi ShadowHunter! I saw your FR/LG guide and wanted to say that it's possible to do it even faster, as I made a program and the SID finding can be done quicker. So I would like to contribute to your guide, but didn't know if I could post in your thread, because the last post was of 9 August.

    Kind regards,
    after taking a 2-3 month hiatus from competative battling and such, I came back to my thread and found a pending we had: (me)EXIE's Jirachi for ShadowHunter's Donphan
    can you still make this trade?
    In your guide about RNG in fire red / leaf green, you talk about to find your SID using 3 methods: one of these is the "Pal Park method" but you don't fully explain how to use this method, do you have a guide?
    dude, when can we trade ?
    and i saw that youre looking for a caught shiny modest ttar.
    yesterday i rnged that spread (6*31modest/timid)
    i have to play throug the game first, after that i could catch it for you.
    Hi there. I think we have a pending trade. Are you still intrested?

    EDIT: Never mind. I got all of the pokes from other people. Sorry.
    so when do I have to press the A button? Or do I even need to press the A button?
    hey! it seems like your really good at ID/SID abusing and I need help. I'm going to rng the ID/SID for my HG version to get this shiny spread I really need. and.. On what screen do I press the A button when the timer hits 0? I really want to know.
    ah, right. No problem, I'll send you both. Did you end up using a new FC in the end?
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