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  • There currently isn't a place to work on them. I am hoping to get them started up within the next few days; keep on the look out!
    ah I don't think i'll be able to make it then. Wednesday is probably my most open day, so would 5PM PST be good? I'll try to be on Groudon's Grotto on wednesday whenever i can and I'll be watching for you.
    sorry, can't at 10 - only evenings on weekdays. I'll try to be on Groudon's grotto at 6PM PST; not exactly sure when today I'll be able to make it atm
    sorry i got stuck with family longer than i thought i would, same time tuesday?
    I actually have to remake my team, half of it turned out to have illegal movesets for this tournament. Plus I'm pretty sure that could be considered ghosting... don't quote me on that.
    Hi, my timezone is PST, so I guess PO on Groudon's Grotto is safest since PS is down so often. I would want to battle on Sunday sometime between 9AM-4PM PST, if possible.
    Mine is CST, was waiting till I had a team to reply. I can play between 7-12 your time zone on weekdays.
    When I used it, it was up and down and up and down. tbh, we were probably lucky to get the match done. It's probably better if you use PO if PS is still shaky.
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