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  • ah sorry about that man... I thought you quit or something because it said you were still on smogon for like an hour after. Thanks tho...
    hey, are you on ps? I cant find your name. My alt is All Wash Out. Please challenge me.
    I was thinking late like 11 or 12 pm? I will be on for the next hour and a half so pm if you get on.
    I should be on around 2pm (gmt-4) and a little bit after that. If not, i should be on later at night.
    Hey, we play each other for the stat tournament. Let me know a good time for you. I should be pretty active. Im gmt -4 btw.
    some people sent me their prototypes over IRC, so I added those in so I wouldn't have to do it later.
    I'll upload it after I finish checking over it. Thanks for notifying me!
    I'm giving Umbreon to someone else.

    Let me know if you still wanna do Scolipede or I'll just kill the analysis.
    Prankster for priority Encore (priority Nasty Plot really doesn't matter besides using it before Murkrow can Taunt you). Limber sounds like a good AC option.
    Hi. Still gonna do the UU analyses you wanted? Umbreon's reservation will expire in about 48 hours if you don't get started on it and Scolipede is stupidly easy to edit so you should get on that.
    Hey, we'd love to have you! I posted the final team roster in the thread, so please confirm that you are a part of it. Thanks!
    Yes you can. And you'll probably need to make some edits, so you'll need to get it through QC again.

    Make a post in the thread and I'll give you the OP.
    Not all spreads made it past the slate. I decided not to choose yours because I thought it was a bit too similar to some of the other ones. Please keep submitting stuff in the future though! You'll make it to slate sometime; I'm sure of it =)
    With 31 Speed IVs and no EVs, it'll have a Speed of 15. With 228 Speed EVs, a Speed boosting nature, and 31 IVs, it'll have a Speed of 19. This makes sense because Misdreavus (who has a base Speed of 85), will do the same, just with 236 EVs.
    yea, syclant's stats would be: 23 / 18 / 13 / 17 / 12 / 18

    sorry, the formula i had for HP was wrong so I had to figure out what it should actually be >_>
    Sorry, what do you mean by that? Do you mean what the stats would be at level 5 (with/without ev investment etc?)?
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