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  • Yeah, true, and the link you posted does have a relaxing feel to it, even though I mostly listen to Touhou boss themes.

    Adding to what I mentioned about Nautth's vids, I'll admit - the Black Squares of Death runs certainly made my day. That actually inspired me to attempt those runs.
    Lot of people want to meet him. =\
    Nice, Touhou arranges are great to listen to from time to time. To me, that is, though it isn't for everyone.

    Nautth has some Black Squares of Death runs, and his vids are just plain hilarious. Too many conversations can be too...well, you know...much, I guess. After all, there are limits to what you can dod.
    No prob. :)

    Yeah, he single-handedly created everything...except for the fighting games (he had some help with that). Be glad your friend got you into it, because Touhou has some of the best music out there. And for RNG'ing, it just takes time to get used to things. I remember when I was RNG abusing with my Platinum, I knew I'd have to wait exactly 15 seconds to hit a delay of 650 (assuming I don't use a GBA cartridge). One second = delay of 60.

    Black Squares of Death is quite fun if you rage at the same time. I even have a video like that, which you might've seen already. Every time I look back to that video, I kinda laughed. I'll admit - it's made other people's days watching it.
    Oh, nice. Glad you liked it. :)

    Well, Touhou is a great masterpiece, and yet it was created by one man himself (ZUN). Also, glad to see you're into the Touhou series. As for RNG'ing, it takes time, you just gotta dedicate yourself, just like when I dedicated myself to capturing Virtue of Wind God on Lunatic.

    As for my vids, what I meant by not being YouTube-worthy is that it has no place to be in YouTube. I did post them in my facebook, however, so if you want to see for yourself, here's the link (goto videos section). As for the black squares, I just wanted to defecate on Mountain of Faith, so I pulled off a run and posted it on my facebook profile. I even made a live run, too.
    I actually found the arrangement.

    Aside from that, oh wow...sorry to hear what you're going through. Funny thing is, Touhou is an actual way to getting to know other people. Hell, I've thrown in Touhou-related things to my photoshop images, with my school friends as player characters. At least all went according to plan. :)

    You should play it if you're very determined. You may not reach Lunatic level, but you might be able to play a few parts from that difficulty.

    Speaking of my Touhou gameplay, I actually have videos of me playing it on my facebook profile, if you want to see for yourself. Most aren't YouTube worthy, though. Hell, some of my friends don't know how they describe me when I pull some crazy shit off...especially when I used this so-called 'black squares of death' mod, where every bullet/projectile becomes black squares. =\
    Yeah, speaking of Border of Life, there's an arrangement where it made me think, "Wait, is it Jesus or Yuyuko that died for our sins?" I forget what it's called.

    Lunatic is for...well, crazy people. If possible, hell, you just might get to know new people this way. Happened to me many times while I was on campus. So yeah, there's plenty of Touhou vids out there while Lunatic runs are the center of attention, basically.

    And about my Virtue of Wind God capture, I had to be dedicated to pull this off, and I did. I've made so many people shit bricks over this, and I'm loving it. This is part of the reason why I have a social life, really. If you're dedicated, you just might pull this off months from now. :)
    my bad i wasnt pay attention and you were on the opposite side of the wifi room avoiding me ;P JK LOL
    Hm, I see. Yeah, there's tons of arrangements. Lots of spell card attacks in Touhou are beautiful, to say the least, especially Yuyuko's.

    I've been playing Touhou for a couple years now, and I only have one friend that can actually play on Lunatic, and it's pretty crazy, if you ask me. o.o

    You can see Yuyuko's spell cards on YouTube, really. I also have a video of me capturing what could be one of the most hardest spell cards in all of Touhou, right here.
    One of my favorites, actually. Border of Life is also one of my favorites (as I have many remixes of it), and I also like Yuyuko's boss fight in Perfect Cherry Blossom on Lunatic.

    Oh, I probably didn't mention this, but I'm a Lunatic player in Touhou shmups. I just find it more fun to play on the hardest difficulty. And her spell card Cherry Blossom Sign "Perfect Cherry Blossom of Sumizome -Bloom-" (also known as "Sumizome Perfect Blossom -Bloom-") is pretty aesthetic, too.
    Haha you weren't really. I think I may have confused smogon with PokeCommunity. Are you a member on that forum? I may have battled you there but i'm not 100% certain though I think it may have happened there.
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