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  • Are you sure? I just saw your name and FC in my pal pad just yesterday. Hmm that's weird.. Lol well okie then. Sorry to have bothered you.
    I believe it was here on smogon that we did that battle. But if ya don't remember, it's cool lol and you could remove me from your friends list.
    Well I remember you from a time we had an ou battle and you had a rain dance team tha put up quite the fight to the finish and it was 1 of the best battles I've had. I forgt to add you the day we battled each other but then I saw your username and I was like I wonder if you remember me from that battle we had a couple years back.
    To be perfectly honest, I do not have a winner in mind yet. My quote is actually my own idea for a new setup, and frankly, I like it best so far =/. I'm definitely not using the ribbons though. Take your time and make your entry look nice and you have just as good a chance of winning as anyone else =)
    Not at all! That's cool that you have it! :D

    I can't really make sure no one trades my pokémon, with all these different forums around.
    So I know there's gonna be people I don't know that end up with my pokémon! :P
    O rly? Where'd you get it from? If you're from PPFF, that might be how. :P

    I tend to not want my pokes to be redis, but it's cool that you have it. :)
    Yeah, sure, but that guy is a complete asshole. :)

    Thanks for letting me know. Makes the videos worth it.
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