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  • KOK and yaya0 agreed to call their SPL match a draw, so unless the result gets overturned you're in Group B. I have reasonable suspicion this was done solely to screw you over.
    :/ well, since he hasn't done anything and apparently you are the one who's talking, I'm not so sure.

    there IS one other option, albeit a risky one: give me your timezone(and Hydrattler)s if possible, then schedule a time with me for me to spectate the match.

    oh and don't worry if you can't complete it on time, I've extended the deadline.

    hm i see
    maybe you can request him to send the log the next time? Sorry, but I'll have to discount your 6-0 here.
    hate to be a dick here, but too bad, you guys'll have to re-battle

    do note that you can click the 'save log' button in the middle of battling...
    Sure, meet me in #muds

    EDIT: Never mind, parents want me for supper and maybe grocery shopping, I'll be back in an hour or two.
    Hey, for my battle with Albinoloon, I just want to point that the validity of Thunder Wave + Hex is questionable, and to think about whether it works as a combo. I'm fine if you think it makes sense, but just think about.

    BTW-we would honestly like someone a bit more experienced for the battle. However, if we can't find anyone for four days, we'd certainly be willing to have you as our ref.

    I would personally ask that you try getting a simpler battle first as practice-or going through the referee tutoring program. It should be a helpful way of getting you acquainted with the process.

    Thank you, though.
    dunno but i'll just challenge you in the battle tower shall i? if you'd rather have more mons for better counters that's fine with me; something like 4v4 doubles or 6v6 triples or 3v3 triples.
    ready to have that match with you whenever you are, i have a battle slot open and waiting.
    just so you know, never bump RMT threads which are longer than 2 months, otherwise you will receive an infraction.

    Thread Necromancy: (1 Point, 21 Days) Do not bump old threads. Making meaningless posts in threads that have long since died is strictly prohibited. If you have something of consequence you’d like to add to a thread that has fallen off the front page, feel free to do so. All “bump”, “to the top”, etc. posts will be warned and deleted without exception. If someone actually adds something to the thread, they will not be warned for it. Like with double posting, often times this is paired with "I'm bumping this because...". Note that Contributions & Corrections is an exception to this rule. Keep in mind that mods can see deleted posts, so no stealth bumping either.

    this is the rule you broke.
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