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  • You can choose 4 at a time. :D
    I guess my EV list is not updated, so you can do the NU, UU and Uber Pokemon as long as they're the smogon sets. :)
    Thanks for EVing! This time, please choose the Pokemon you want to EV, because I no longer have any Pokemon that need to be urgently EVed at the moment.
    Oh LOL it's a Ho-oh. xD
    Lol is there anything else you want as credits?
    Nope, don't change the moves of the Pokemon I give you at all. =P
    I'm ready to trade now! Will be inside in 3 minutes.
    Thank you! I'll go inside wifi now.
    I'll clone 1 copy each for you?
    Tell me if you want any TMs attached.
    Enjoy the free pokes. If you ever get a thread up and running, remember they're both Fully Redistributable. However, do me one favor. Because you're new here, and I gifted you free pokes, contribute to the community, pass it on, help somebody out sometime. K?

    cool cool... looking through my boxes for the UTs... I think those would be on my Pearl Cart...
    Okay, got to a point where I can save right before the boss. Cloning now... it's.... Oh, did you want T or UT?
    hey actually though, gimme like 2 secs cuz I'm playing phantom hourglass and it looks like I'm at the Ice boss.
    Oh yeah hold on a sec. Gotta clone etc.
    I usually have open in my browser, but I'm not really paying much attention to it. I'm usually on IRC much more though, that's why we haven't connected yet.

    Oh, and what was the problem with connecting to IRC I wonder? Anyhoo.

    Which FC for you again?
    Oh, it's okay, I don't need any EVing. Just catch me on #smogonwifi, or #skarmbliss sometime and you can have them. They're Fully Redis. Just click the links in my sig, pick a Nickname, and click Go, and you'll be on IRC. Just catch me there sometime.

    and I'm not famous :p
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