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  • no fucking idea. but if gamefreak dont add a male only evo i am gonna get mad and have nightmares....serious, male gardevoir was enough for me....
    yeah now that you mention the pic show up right after he did the hehe post. i am really suspecting that guy.
    felt like you deserved a special mention before anything else. here is the thing.

    5 minutes after we got the news that the glothic bitch can be male on the BW thread i checked the hentai site i visit and found male hentai of that thing....there was only female until that time, do you know what that means? someone here on smogon is a hentai artist.
    oh god, that first move sucked. Rock slide miss into ice beam freeze >.>
    and then meta gets crit haxed and yawn seals the deal on you. <.<
    Can't help but feel sorry for you there :(
    If you can, 56-38280-36191 on wifi battle videos. It's Battle Factory stuff so obviously those aren't the pokes/sets I'd normally use :P
    I understand, now that you've explain how you view evolutions. seems perfectly reasonable; sorry I bummed on your opinions earlier and whatnot. I'd label it as a simple case of mixed viewpoints/me just not getting it.

    I, personally, just can't understand how a design of an old Pokemon (which remains completely unchanged) is somehow no longer good because of a new, completely optional evolution that you aren't forced to use. it's like not wearing a shirt you really like, just because it'll get mustard stains on it if you eat a hot dog. don't eat a hot dog while wearing it, and you can wear that nice shirt. at least that's how I see it... just letting you know where I'm coming from with this, for a better understanding between us.
    Is that supposed to be a take on Ononokusu as your pic? The side blades are the same.
    Glad you enjoyed the log! The Latias was gonna use Roar that turn so it had negative priority :)
    unfortunately i cannot clone, unless the GTS thing where you turn the game off at a certain time still works. but i haven't tried that in a while...
    hey shroomisaur. could you possibly trade me a copy of nailo's ditto while you are online?
    Hi. I just wanted to say I'm sorry about that post. I wasn't trying to make you or anyone else look/feal bad. Sometimes I make really stupid posts, and don't realize that 'til later. Sorry again!
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