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  • Alright!

    I can trade now :P

    See you on wi-fi!

    Also, if you need another BP

    Just post it in my trade thread and I'll see what I can do.
    Yes. I believe it should only be semi-redis by us?

    I can trade with you after i finish this current trade :)

    Thanks and, i hope we can become friends in the future.

    About the E-vire,

    I am going to chain breed it.

    I'm not in the RNG mood today.
    If your on at around 4:30pm EST time I should be done with it.

    Also, is it ok if I use the following flash cart codes:

    Fast egg hatch
    IV checker
    Wild pokemon modifier (For ev training)

    If it isn't, I will use my platinum cart.
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