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  • Yeah, it something ends up being the same just skip to the next poke. Ready? BTW, you can change items around after you have all your pokes (so you don't get 4 scarfed or something)
    Find where your first battle ready poke is, and count along through your box(es) to find the next ones. First pokemon = 1, second pokemon = 2, etc. Get it now?

    I chose between 1 and 30, since you said you had about 30 battle ready pokes. You can choose between 1 and 120 for me, since I have 120 pokes ready. I'll re-pick your numbers after you send me mine (so I know you understand).
    yeah, I mean pokes that you have on your in-game PC (pokemon storage).

    Having less pokes would make you more likely to have a team that works, so are you interested? If you are, the pokes I would chose for you are:

    3, 11, 17, 22, 23, 5. (that means that 3 must be your lead)

    Send me numbers (out of 120) if you want to do the battle.
    What you do is give me an estimate of how many (total) battle ready pokemon you have in your PC. I do the same, telling you. Then we each choose 6 numbers for the other person, 1=1st poke in the box you start counting . . etc.

    This way we both end up battling with random teams. You have to make up strategy on the spot, and you may not be able to counter certian things (i.e. team of bulky waters vs a shedinja or something)

    The whole thing relies on trust though, that you don't just bring in 4 pokes you want and 2 others. Ubers are usually banned, and regular clauses aply.

    You still want a battle? Since we know each others teams, would you want to try a quick roulette? If not, I'd be game for OU as well. VM me.
    Then I will see you some other time. I will give you a win the next time. and then we will really go at it. If my main team is ready by then that is. Until the next time be safe.
    My honor demands I give you the win please let me. I had no way of beating you. All I had left was milotic and flygon. and milotic is not an attacker.
    Sure I will OU battle you just give me a few moments to get my losing team together.
    lol, I haven't played in so long
    I forgot Magnezone had the trap ability... *facepalm*
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