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  • hey, are you still up for the trade we have going on? can you access .pkm files? because i can't get my ds online at the moment.
    Hey, sorry for the wait. I'm ready for the trade if you are.

    Edit: Seems like you left =/
    Hi SuperErinMan! That's fine :x I actually just started something and will be finished in about 45min to an hour. Are you free to trade then?
    Hi, thank you for participating in my Halloween giveaway. When would be a good time to trade for you? I am free Thursday afternoon and Friday morning (PST).
    Yes I'm still interested in the first offer the brave ralts and the relaxed swampert, would you like to trade now? if so grab dIamond fc :)
    About a million years ago, what the?... now that i was checking some long pending trades, anyway what gallade_12 said but you asked for electivire and froslass are you still interested?, VM me back :)
    About a million years ago, you posted in my thread wanting my timid or modest porygon z. I will do it for your swampert ev'd. Sorry for the few years late reply :P
    porygon-z for charizard sounds good, i'll add you to pendings :) hopefully we'll catch each other online.
    i posted a cmt in your thread. i'm vm'ing you because i don't know if it's still active..
    And Harp Note is what you get when you fuse Roll.EXE and Protoman.EXE from the Battle Network series. Roll.EXE is obvious, love interest of Megaman, the Protoman.EXE part is slightly less obvious, but Harp Note wears a scarf, always gets Megaman out of sticky situations, and matching him in combat as well, although ironically she is one of the easier bosses in the Star Force games.
    I don't really like the EXE games that much because of the unoriginal names for bosses which always ends with the suffix -man, with the exception of Colonel, Bass, Roll & Meddy. And plus, in the Star Force games the bosses have more unique names, and more female bosses. My favourite one is Queen Virgo, because she is a pretty decent boss, with that Aqua Shield and Aqua Dragon attack that can potentially ruin you unless you use a cheap Legend Card.
    Hi there! :) You know... if you do decide to trade with me (I CMT'd in your thread), is it alright if you give me Skymin Flower's birthday pikachu from his giveaway too? I answered Movie 7. :)
    I think those and a ditto are all i need cloned unless you want all the freebies in my thread.
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