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  • Is that the last 2 times I got credits for something, people asked me to search their threads right away. So I asked you if I could keep them as credits for now, and use them later, when I organize what I got this week.
    Yeah. Semi-redis becomes non-redis which becomes NFT. :)

    And do you mind if I look at your thread later to choose how to put these credits to use? This week has been crazy and I lost track of what I have right now. >_<

    And add my Sub HG FC: 0346 7156 2091 to trade. :) What's yours?
    Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but had we not agreed on 2 credits per BP and semi redis rights?
    Done! Both are Shiny. I've got one EVd and one UT version of each for you, and the following codes were used: 990x Items (Berries, Medicines, etc), Max Cash, Cloning, Fast Egg Hatch, Instant Egg, EV/IV Check.

    I left Shellder unevolved because you could want to get some other move from it's NFE movepool. To make up for that, he's holding a Water Stone.
    Had some problems in beginning things, as my delay would strangely come out as odds normally but sometimes as evens. Now it's fine.

    And I'm trying to get both level up moves on the UT, so I don't need to level them too much.

    It will be done by tomorrow, don't worry.

    Btw, PKRS is alright for you?
    The point being, it's still conforming to dictatorship. By your logic, hacked Pokemon are cool, they can be used in battles, so who cares?
    No one wants useless Pokemon. It has no trade value if some person decides "you can't trade this". Take the idiots who have said no-redis / semi-redis on Pokemon you can get fully redis elsewhere. Why the hell would you ever take a no-redis/semi-redis?
    QQ moar. You think anything in your thread is unique? Ha. There's like... 2 Pokemon there that are yours, two... you use redis rights. Instant lol in your face for that.
    Redis rights as a whole are useless and annoying. No one ever cares at all who generated the freaking bits of data, they're interested in USING the data.
    My Pokemon are 100% fully redis usually, but when I'm given something unusable, I may as well not give them something they can use.
    also, Gabe is such a hypocrite. S/he "learned how to value human beings" but will still discriminate against people who may have done something bad in the past.
    And think, no one would know who's it is, and even better, no one would care. Considering how that person acts and the rules of his/her (white-knight, you) threads, I question how important it is to follow these rules.
    Even funnier, is that you think it's 'yours'. What separates it from the several other Raikou's with the same IVs (that are semi or fully redis)?
    Christ, so many non-redis. I regret trading with you, it was a waste of time, considering I'm sure you'll limit what I can do with it EV and move-wise.
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