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  • *shrug* If that's what you want, that's what you'll get. But with Timid and HP Grass, even Glaceon would be better, if I may be so bold.
    You could just change which Eeveloution you want...but I think Leafeon here would be a waste.
    Certainly. Send it to my Platinum code, and I'd appreciate it if you'd attach the Rare Candy so I don't have to use one of mine.
    FYI, when you hatch it, it'll be an American Gligar, but it'll still receive the foreign EXP bonus (because as an egg, it was Japanese).
    Just before I get my hands on it: I noticed I didn't mention anywhere that I'd use a Flash Card to use those AR codes. Is this okay for you?
    Hi there!

    Thanks so much for the Breeding Project you did for Red and I :] I'm giving Red an Adamant Shiny Flawless Krabby with Agility. Would you like one as well?
    yeah its a new thread we fired the guy who did nothing for us. and Kei has some posts so that he can freely trade and update when he wants to in stead of bugging me every two hours. and you do know it says don't post right O.o
    31/31/29/x/31/30 Adamant Magikarp (can't be egg, un-EVed and forgot level, probably 1)
    31/15/27/31/31/31 Calm Tentacruel (Lv1 UT)
    31/26/30/31/19/31 Timid Treecko (Lv1 UT, HP Ice 70)
    31/31/24/x/22/31 Jolly Shiny Poison Heal Shroomish (Lv15 UT, can't be egg)
    31/30/31/x/31/31 Jolly Rock Head Aron (Lv1 UT)
    29/31/31/x/21/31 Adamant Inner Focus Riolu (Lv1 UT, Perfect HP for Life Orb)
    31/30/31/x/30/31 Jolly Pressure Aerodactyl (Lv1 UT)
    31/31/31/x/29/11 Impish Hippopotas (Lv1 UT)
    31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Sand Veil Gligar (Lv1 UT)
    31/x/30/31/31/29 Bold Ice Body Spheal (Lv1 UT)
    31/x/31/31/31/28 Bold SHINY Baltoy (Lv1 UT, can't be egg if you want it to be shiny, can be if you don't care)
    31/x/30/31/30/31 Timid Natural Cure Roselia (Lv1 UT)
    31/x/23/30/30/31 Timid Rotom (HP Ground 70, Lv1, UT)
    31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Hyper Cutter Gligar (Lv1 UT, can't be egg, Shiny)

    There's more if you need to see. Any of those catch your eye?
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