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  • Your request has been fulfilled, now you can stop bitching and we can go back to being besties!!! (You owe me ;p)
    Sounds good. And seeing from Destiny Warrior's VM below me, we have plenty of time. So just let me know whenever you're ready and I'll do the same. It won't be hard to find eachother anyways, since we're both pretty active (different servers but there's always #littlecup). :)
    Yo dude, obviously we need to play for the LC tour, but yeah... I think DW should have structured it so that the Loser's bracket ended at the same time as us, so I proposed that on the thread (meaning we also would get to play under the new banlist, which would be better tbh). So if you agree, I'm sure he'd let us wait a while, which would be cool, since I really wanna play under the new list.
    I just need to make some final revisions and I should be ready. I'm GMT -5. Does somewhere around Monday/Tuesday work for you?
    Indeed, lol'd at that kid becauses hes mad because I posted that in the shitty screamo thread.
    Skynet is has come to my attention you have received an infraction at the forums from the great Gokuter that is all.
    lol, I really should, but since I'm a mod at the main server and stuff, I usually stay there. And yeah it really is! I'm playing it right now lol
    Yeah, cause you left us for the Smogon Server ;_; lol and yeah not much man, I'm about to head out to get my copy of White version so I can revive the little kid inside me. =P Then, I gotta go back online at 1 to play Optimusje. Good job getting to the Semis btw.
    kkkkkkkkkkkk even though I have no idea what to do here!
    Sick find dude! I really need to post all my shit in that thread but I've had no time lol
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