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  • Very interesting. I'd like to know if there's any info you have that Hozu and I didn't get.
    Oh... It seems as though you two nearly have your Round 1 match ironed out. Very good then, thanks!
    When you add Emerald egg PIDs please, please allow it to display a large amount of adjacent frames for PIDs. Also +-1 for the calibration value for adjacents would be useful too because sometimes Emerald adds an extra RNG call before the PID is generated for some reason. It's up to you if you want to expand that to account for too many/not enough redrawing the environment or not.
    Could you give me an example of some of the errors you're getting (maybe in PM is better)?

    It's compiled with Apple's version of GCC 4.2 on Mac OS X. What version of Visual Studio are you using?
    Hey On you're battle vid for the second round of regionals, That was me. Forgot your name tho.
    Un-EVed is fine, thanks so much for doing them!
    Do you want to trade now?
    And just to confirm, these are all fully redis on smogon, right.
    12 DW females, wow! What are the redis rights on the Zekrom and Reshiram?
    And if you want to do the reuniclus (or prevo) and/or braviary (or prevo) CPs that would be great, otherwise I can take credits for when I need cloning done.
    Oh.. interesting. I'm not entirely sure what I can do about it, but I'll see. Thanks.
    I saw your post. Sorry I'm just now getting back to you, I've been fairly busy. What version do you have?
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