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  • I'm Flashrider57. I got bored, and I've seen you around Smogon a lot, so I sent a friend request. And no, I'm not one of your numerous stalkers.
    Hey, um, quick question. On the Uxie EV spread, with the Speed EVs, what the hell were we trying to out-speed? I forgot ;_;.

    Oh yeah, is it cool if I make an RMT with the EVs? I'm asking you since it's your spread, but it'd be great if you said yes.
    You using the Hitmonlee team, or did you move onto bigger and better things?

    I've been using lead Uxie (with the EVs we created), SubPunch Magnet Rise Aggron, Special Venusaur, Mixed Houndoom, Nasty Plot Taunt Mismagius, and SubPunch Poliwrath.

    I've been playing around with Poliwrath's slot, switching in Azumarill from time to time. The basic idea is to cover up a teammates weakness (the reason for the Poli/Magius/Doom core), while using the other three Pokemon to cause some problems early-game.
    I did create a new UU team though, and it was working rather well before I got banned. Took me from 100 CRE to 1200 in a day.
    It's just Scofield, being a prick as always. I'm going to the library on Monday, so it doesn't really matter (library obviously has a different IP).
    Lol I've swept quite a few teams back in the day with Agility + 3 Attacks Lanturn. xD

    Good luck! :D
    Thanks, gah I should have told you. Finally the Raichu has been updated. Still I think I need more sets... I'm working on a new mixed set.
    My offensive teams have this Rotom. D:

    Max speed and special attack. It was beast. I should re-use it. >:)
    Heysup was there? Oh lmao now I remember. That wasn't Heysup, I was joking. :p And you totally jacked all my sets! lmao
    I know but Black Belt is cooler. ^_^ And those items are usually chosen over the plates on every Pokemon for some weird reason (besides Arceus of course). :p

    But if you have any other suggestions just speak up! lol
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