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  • cute dude in ur avatar

    who is he?
    because I am following you, silly :)
    well i follow people also and it doesnt alert me when they post in people's profiles o.o either way it must spam your alerts e,e which could be annoying

    let's stop spamming user ok ppl's alerts now lol
    not alert, news feed
    Hey, Cru, it's Magius from GC. I posted my team in the OU forums, if you wanna check it out.
    Nice birthday you had. Happy birthday, TPW. Today was my first day too. Boring things all around, first day bs, ect, ect.
    Scarf Flygon is pro. I've used it in practically all my teams, even when Salamence was around. Flygon has always been pro. People are only just realizing it now because their precious Salamence is gone now.

    lol 4x weakness to Bug. Scizor would RAPE you. I'm assuming no Babiri Berry? The main reason I plan on creating a Dragon Dance Tyranitar is the massive decline Scizor has taken, along with the whole F/W/G core people have been creating. Tyranitar shits all over those cores. Heatran is the usual Fire-type, which Tyranitar just laughs at, and Starmie/Suicune/Vaporeon can't come in and threaten me at +1. The Grass-type, usually Shaymin, is actually the biggest problem, since Jolly +1 Fire Punch won't OHKO, while Seed Flare does (even in the Sand).
    UU Rain Dance. After that, I'm making a Dragon Dance Tyranitar team. The meta-game is just ready for it.

    I haven't tried CB Gyarados, but I've seen it do its job. All I can say is that you're gonna need Rapid Spin support.

    P.S: What Lucario? Agility or Swords Dance?
    I can't make a decent new team. Everything just turns into a flop.

    Trying out a tried and true team concept right now; Rain Dance.
    Damn...took us this long to realize that. Does Energy Ball OHKO Rhyperior though? If not, then I'm going back to Grass Knot. Rhyperior is just too much of a threat to my team.
    Heal Bell sucks too. I don't need to cure status, since status can easily be handled through typing and abilities. Will-o-Wisp? Nah, Houndoom. Toxic? Venusaur. Only thing that slightly worries me is Thunder Wave, and even then, most of the Pokemon that actually use Thunder Wave are slower than the Pokemon that I use to Substitute.
    I'm not dropping anything for Psychic. Fuck Psychic. What's Qwilfish going to do, set up one layer on me and die? Even better if it Taunts first. U-turn, break the Sash, kill it with the next Pokemon. Not especially difficult. If it's using Toxic Spikes, even better.

    But yeah, fuck Psychic. I'd prefer not being any more Spiritomb bait than I have to be.

    P.S: Changed Grass Knot to HP Grass.
    Really? That's weird. I've been using this Uxie set:

    Uxie @ Leftovers
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP | 16 Def | 240 Spe
    - Stealth Rock
    - Thunder Wave
    - U-turn
    - Grass Knot

    Against the Utility Omastar on site, Grass Knot does 47.7% - 57%, which is a decent chance to 2HKO. Against 252 HP/0 SpD Omastar leads, it does 53.5% - 64%, an obvious 2HKO. At most, they're getting a single layer of Spikes, which they would have gotten regardless, or Stealth Rock (even better for me). You must be facing some weird Omastars that invest heavily in SpD, or those lame-ass Rindo Berry Omastar.

    I've never even had a slight problem against Omastar. Grass Knot 2HKO, Thunder Wave the switch-in, Stealth Rock/U-turn, and move from there.
    Hey, it's cool. I got myself banned for a week from Shoddy (I'll be back tomorrow, and I'll be on today too [using the plibrary's IP to log on]), but I've been working on my team on Pokemon Online. It's peak was #4, which is the highest I've been on any ladder, anywhere.

    Also, Golbat? That's...confusing. What happened to our awesome Uxie lead? ;_;
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