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  • Type the word, higlight the word, then click on the button that looks like a globe with a chain on it (it says Insert link when you hover over it). You can also attack links to pictures, so that is what I did with my link in the BALD index.

    also I would reconsider the reserving the front page because You might change your mind later and want to add info. Plus sometimes people say goofy things on the first page and then you either have to delete it, or you are stuck with it for life.
    If you dont have anything to put there now, post pictures related to your topic of the thread
    Sorry for being pushy, but just trying to help because I have ideas all the time and I appreciate it when people try to help.
    Sounds good. I like to organize a group before I open things up
    Can I give you afew tips
    1-I usually reserve the first page of each thread for future use. a lot of times people only look at the first and last pages of threads.
    If you reserve all the posts on the first page for later use, you can update info on the first page by editing your posts
    2) create an index and put links to important pages in the index (and make it a combo index/random conversation thread so that when you have more discussions than will fit onthe first page, people will bump it back to the first page ofthe group when they use it everyda for conversation
    Hey I am not sure if I will be able to contribute a lot to your group, but I like thinking outside of the box.
    it sounds like you have an idea of where you want to go, but if you ever want to brainstorm, let me know
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