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  • Snaq, did you fully update the Pokémon? That way I can more easily check which I did not yet vote for (or against).
    Hey, I noticed that Aqualier has been scrapped due to its position being taken up. I was wondering if there was any way that I could get a sort of simple schematic of what we have and what we expect to have--pokemon-wise. If I had even known that Aqualier's position and possibility was threatened I would have asked people to vote on it.
    Instead, unaware of the time crunch, I expressly asked people not to vote. There any sort of blueprint and or schematic you have regarding what is desired from the game?

    man don't make me the antagonist here lol.

    sorry I'll control my temper next time haha
    Snaquaza, thanks for creating the group! I think it is going very well compared to some other game-creation groups out there.

    Don't you think after we get at least 50-150 Pokemon in, we should start revising the trainers, gym leaders and their Pokemon, and The Elite Four? Like make an entirely new group discussion for the team sets for the trainers and AI. Also we should try to think of what types of Gym Leaders, E4 and Champion we will be having (Gen 5s B/W 1s Champion type was Bug;in BW 2 it was Dragon). Sorry if Im asking for too much.
    I haven't had very much time to look through it. It looks like fun, though! And I will PM you if I want more scramblemons in shorter time. Thanks!
    umm haha just gonna get some shut-eye first, its 3:30 am here lol. I'll get back in a few hours
    6. The only Ghost type [and Normal-type, for that matter] to have access to Head Smash, the strongest Rock-type move in the game
    Thanks, I'm not exactly new because I was lurking for a long time before making an account haha.

    Sorry about earlier, maybe it was just a bad day for me, I snapped lol
    Actually I've been thinking, why not just combine elements of both? This is just me but I sorta don't want most of the ideas in the map thread wasted... If we pick one of the current map submissions, the others will just end up scrapped... If possible can we incorporate most of the ideas into one map?
    well its really confusing, as i'm not sure how many soloes i must do. you've been known to confuse people, so please fix or I will reject. also not healing at pkmn centers is too much, so please remove that.
    Also sorry if I was harsh most of the time in critiques, especially with the Gazceit x Raw Power issue. I just want to make sure that balance won't be too compromised. I have said all I could say about it, and since they are both accepted, I just hope that it ends up alright.
    Lol. Get some rest, and maybe I'll give you a challange tomorrow, if you still need one.
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