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  1. Ancient Rain Sweeper

    In my opinion a politoed would work a lot better over bronzong, for rain. And replace tentacruel with starmie - w/ thunder hydro pump recover rapid spin. Then replace dragonite with ferrothorn, whose only weakness would be fighting, which jellicent covers.
  2. Technical Support (read OP before posting!)

    Server isn't on PO...
  3. ScreenDance Offense

    Well, as you know the BEST dual screener in the game is Espeon. So i would recommend taking out starmie and replacing it with a light clay espeon. 252 hp, 252 speed, 4 defense. Reflect, hp fighting, psyshock, light screen. Other than that, maybe run rivalry on haxorus and see how you like it :D
  4. Fire in the Sun with Diamonds

    You may want to add a physical attacker into this team. Maybe breloom, or even terrakion. I just think if you do not have a special attacker, blissey will troll you. Or you could always just make venusaur physical instead of special.
  5. Smogon University PO Statistics — November 2011

    I left the metagame for awhile, and i come back and scizor is number 1? How much longer till people want scizor banned too!? Also, what set is everyone running with jolteon now?? I noticed it was ou (i mean it is in the top 52 so i thought that was the ou limit but idk)
  6. This Meterologist Sucks, I Wanna a New Metagame

    I believe gengar should get replaced. Now it's your decision but i only see gengar stopping fighting types from using there one attack that can hit them. Example: Disable a conkelldurrs payback, then makes conkelldurr it switch into something that can take a focus blast, or shadow ball.
  7. This Meterologist Sucks, I Wanna a New Metagame

    Ok so i think you should add a politoed, a tyranitar, and a ninetales. JK. Here is my real analysis. The team is VERY good. Although the only exception is NO fire move. So here is a poke that would help the team instead of gengar. A rotom with hp fire, t-bolt, hydropump, and painsplit. This...
  8. Official(!) Smogon University PO Stats -- September 2011

    Can someone explain this to me, so if excadrill and thundurus got banned, wouldn't that make the top 2 uu pokemon, ou? Or are they pokemon ou from an amount of usage? Someone please help me.
  9. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    But I had just made a porygon 2 set to beat thundurus. You gave him enough special attack to ohko with icebeam, and the rest into special defense and hp. You sent him on thundurus,traced the prankster, thunder waved him, so you could out speed, then kill with ice beam.
  10. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    I guess that's kind of good. I never ran into them much anyways over wfii, but i guess they were used alot on PO. Now i don't have to worry about sand as much, But what will replace thundurus on rain teams?
  11. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    So wait, who got banned? I can't find it :/
  12. Love the avatar! :D

    Love the avatar! :D
  13. Ask here for B/W Standard

    see you in
  14. Ask here for B/W Standard

    OU anyone?
  15. Ask here for B/W Standard

    OU anyone?