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  • hope it stays a movie and retains its status as a spinoff that has absolutely no impact on canon
    there's only a few hundred people in any given gears judgement playlist at a time. there's probably 2-3x as many people playing gears 3 right now, and a couple months after gears 3 came out there were probably 10x as many people as are on judgement now.

    I didn't play gears 1 online, but I agree 3>2>JD

    I meant to say you reminded me, my b. the statlines were something ridiculous like 4/20 200 yards 3 TDs 5 Ints or something because in was snowing and had 40 mph winds or something, which is what reminded me.

    Foster's young (26, think he's turning 27 soon) but 400+ touches just wears you out for a while. either he'll see a dip in production or a dip in touches, likely both. he might not drop off in nfl value or skill, but I have a feeling his fantasy numbers will take a big dip.

    a wiiu is nintendo's current home console, it's like a wii that plays games in HD and comes with a tablet. I'd suggest googling it if you really want to know though. in madden for the wiiu you can draw your own plays, which is something I've wanted from madden for YEARS. I am da best at drawing plays and reading coverages.
    AP's legit yo. he can turn a negative play into a positive play, that line is solid (but not elite), and he's fast enough to bust a long one on any damned play. even if he only gets 3 or 4 a year, a 50+ yarder usually means you win your game, plus he's getting 20-25 carries anyway. I'd only be worried about Ponder, but even then AP should be the #1 pick in every league.

    only Lynch and Martin can even threaten him to be the #1 RB scorer. Foster's going downhill, McCoy's too frail to carry 20+ times a game, and Charles is going to be underutilized like every Reid back.
    my first madden game (not online, obviously) was madden '95 for the SNES. would call the hail mary every play. I was the greatest offense of all time.

    your game sounds like the last online game I played... had about a full second of lag, so I was just dicking around. it was on the wiiu so you can draw your own plays, I'd just make my guys all run back and forth like crazy. either the guy I was playing was a total bro or really bad at the game, but I kept giving him safeties and shit when I wasn't scoring and would let him catch up by going field goal block on him. he ran one play probably thirty times, including like eight times in a row at some points. good times.

    portal 2 was awesome. still haven't beaten co-op, though.

    I forget if I asked, what gears 3 gametypes do you play? if you play a lot of koth I've probably killed and possibly teabagged you a few times 8====>~~~
    I can't use the shield properly :c I'm annoyed by it more than any other ability though, so I guess that means it's pretty good?

    idk if you've played recently but the AR got a massive buff, so it's almost equal to the BR. BR is still op as fuck at midrange, and the DMR is still op as fuck at long range. I'm really liking the light rifle, though, as it takes 3 shots to destroy the shield and then either 1 headshot or 2 body shots after that for the kill.

    big team is the most fun, but I miss 8 on 8 objective. remember two flag on that sand level with the two elephants in h3? good times :( 1 flag/1 bomb on Headlong in h2 still the greatest though.

    backup QBs are a terrible, terrible idea in standard leagues in all but three scenarios: You have an injury prone QB #1 (like Vick, or this year if you're worried about RG3), there's a guy with tremendous upside (like RG3 last year), or you are stuck with the #11 or #12 QB (ie last year in one league I decided to draft like the #12 and #14 rated QBs in Carson Palmer and RG3, that turned out pretty well hehe). If it were up to me, about 15 QBs would be drafted in a 12 team league, with Eli/Roethlisberger/Vick being drafted as backups for RG3/Kaep/Romo and guys like Flacco, Dalton, and Freeman going undrafted. I'll get the last laugh in my league, though, when like 8 people draft a quarterback that takes up one of their four bench spots for 16 weeks out of the season.

    AP not great? what? after Harvin went down and despite being literally the only threat on that offense, he had a fantastic second half of the season. I'm way way WAY more worried about Foster, whose YPC has declined every year as his # of carries has gone up. If I were drafting today, I'd probably go AP/Lynch/Martin/Charles/Foster as my top 5, and after that I'd go into panic mode because I'm worried about Rice, Richardson, and McCoy. The Vikes will probably win fewer than 8 games, but the offense has upgraded with Jennings and Patterson and AP will do his thang.

    I don't have Richardson that high, that's the current average draft positions on some mock draft website I use (just google "average draft positions" and it should come up). Richardson was hurt most of last season and still ended up a top 10 RB, but I don't trust a Browns player when they have no one on the outside to catch the ball. I wouldn't take him unless all those guys I mentioned plus McCoy plus Alfred Morris were drafted. Hopefully some of the dunderheads in my league will draft a quarterback in the first round, like that guy who drafted Peyton in the 2nd last year hehe.
    Eli's safe but he doesn't have the upside Romo does. His cap his probably somewhere around 30 TDs, 4500 yards (2011 was a fluke for all quarterbacks, everyone threw for more that season), while Romo has come close to that number 3 out of the last 4 years. You can get either one of them as the #11 or #12 QB, but Eli might have even more value because most people won't draft him as anything but a backup for someone like RGIII a couple rounds later than Romo. Rivers won't be drafted at all unless multiple people draft backups or something (a move that I am strongly against) so I guess he'd be a "safe" pick if the rest of your team is good.

    I don't trust McCoy as anything but the #6 RB, he's currently going #8 I think after AP/Foster/Lynch/Martin/Charles/Rice/Richardson, lawl). Honestly I don't know how Chip will do in the NFL, but I'm not sure if I can even doubt him at this point.

    I've got my eye on Nicks, too. Most people don't realize just how injured he was last season. Of course, a 100% Nicks might help Eli break into the top 10 QBs again, so there's always that.

    I'm not as good at H4 as I am at the other ones, but I'm pretty good. Current k/d is like 1.65 or something. I stopped playing for like four months after xmas but have been playing a lot recently.

    Armor abilities... I used to like the thruster pack thing, but then realized it was nearly useless. Right now I'm addicted to hologram; if you're good with the battle rifle/dmr, tricking someone into firing one shot on your hologram gives you an immediate upper hand. After that, xray vision is 2nd best, but most of the other ones are pretty useless.

    he's currently like the #11 or #12 QB being drafted, after Kaepernick/Ryan/RGIII/Wilson/Stafford/FUCKING ANDREW LUCK bahaha

    honestly I'm going one of either two ways if I can help it: drafting ROMO and no backup (risky, I know, but when guys like Flacco or Freeman are probably going to be free agents it's worth the risk) OR, even scarier, drafting MIKE VICK along with someone stable like Roethlisberger or Eli. I'M SO CRAZY.
    man I dunno I feel like I was spoilered by your post anyway

    I thought blackbeard was the guy who hid all his treasure in one piece and is dead
    well correction, I've played a little bit of dead space 2, wasn't a huge fan so never pursued it at all
    no, no

    I like the Tales series, JRPGs with a fun battle system. kinda corny but the fights make up for it. there's one for the xbox called Tales of Vesperia, they're all standalone so knowledge of the rest isn't required at all.

    but stuff you listed was all WRPGs so idk if you'd like it
    no no no it was "eat a dick" because that was my avatar at the time (if you forgot it i can switch to it for a while) but yeah rarity would not approve.

    I'm not vain either though, really :(
    seriously though when was I ever rude in the nfl thread

    I challenge you to find one post where I was rude but not in a sarcastically funny way (sarcasm is kinda hard to tell over the internet but most of the times when I say something "rude" I'm being sarcastic, honest :c)
    can you wait like three days? my orgochem final ends wednesday as like 5 but i'm free after that
    I'm hipster on the internet and not hipster IRL I guess?

    the brony doc is supposed to be paid for (at some outrageous price), I'm sure you could find it by googling it but it's really probably not worth watching (and certainly not worth paying for).

    I don't really hate the label "brony" but there's some negative stigmas attached to it. if you're a guy who watches a show about ponies it's not that bad, but if you're a "brony" then all the sudden people are like "SCUM OF THE EARTH." different strokes, whatevs.

    sad music... gonna have to think on that one. one of my favorites is luna's lullaby, which is pretty ancient in terms of poni stuff (coincidentally it came out on the very same day I started watching the show). lullaby for a princess is unrelated but mostly considered the best out of the fandom and is pretty feels inducing
    there was a brony documentary that was made by the guy who voices discord and includes a lot of cameos and shiz. the animation was actually done by JanAnimations, who is the only person capable of animating to show quality. He's really amazing at it, that's for sure.

    I'm not pure hipster, only partially... not a huge fan of the "brony" label, I was a pony fan before most people, I don't particularly love Twilicorn, etc. I'm a pony hipster though, not an irl hipster.

    what kind of music do you like? I'll link you some of the good stuff. sgap is great if you want to build your hipster levels.
    you've seen that vid?

    I'm like a mix between hipster/normal I guess. one of these days I'll make some music that doesn't suck (there is a lot of pone music, and like 70% of it is shitty electronic stuff) like this idea I've had for like ever
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