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  • thanks for the support, but it's better to just let comments like that go. Highlighting them just keeps bringing attention to it. I removed that small part at the end of your post to that effect, just wanted to let you know why.
    Nah that list is pretty solid, was just wondering because of how you worded your last post. Anyone that lists AP as anything but near the top is dead wrong in my books.

    The internet has always been obsessed with rainbows, unicorns, and cute things, so why not all of them at once? People started watching it to be ironic, then somewhere along the line they realized that these technicolor ponies had good writing, likeable characters, and were somewhat reminiscent of older cartoons than most of the shit that's been televised the past few years, and from there it just kinda caught on.
    also can you tell me what your actual top 5 RB list looks like ???

    you don't have to list them in order or anything but I'm interested in who's on it if Foster, MJD, Mccoy, and CJ all don't make the cut...
    you realize there are only 8 divisions right

    and that 6th/8 does not qualify as "one of the toughest"
    you're more than welcome to report me. for someone who so callously laughs at the deaths of others, you're pretty sensitive!
    Well you're certainly not making it easy for me to like you. Here's your first post:

    'This is pretty dumb.The person making the decisions doesn't even know what he/she is talking about...That makes a lot of sense'

    Here you imply that the actions of Cathy, an administrator of this website and the programmer of Shoddy Battle 1 and 2, are 'pretty dumb' and that she doesn't know what she's talking about. I issue a general warning to stop that sort of garbage in the very next post but you just flat out ignore me and follow up with this:

    'Not really.It will be decided by people who don't even play the game.I don't really know much about the mods, but from Smog interviews most of them don't even play Pokemon and rarely ladder...Makes sense that they get to decide about bans'

    You should consider yourself lucky I never infracted you. If you have an argument to make against the way that Smogon and the tiering process is ran then try to make it without the ad hominem.
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