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  • Certainly for Tar, gives an easier method of getting faster than paralysis. Aero, less so, paralysis/Trick Room definitely a requirement.
    Not sure on Nidoqueen.
    @Gastrodon: I see sand strength is a good idea, and glyph of recover on it as well (remember glyphs are infinite use now!) But since it's not unlocked, I'd suggest Cyclohm and Krillowatt on closer inspection.
    Spend MC First though!

    With me, should I bring Lucario, Cyclohm, Starmie (Glyph of recover) and ____

    Remember water gun will be very powerful against Aero and still good against Tar.

    Water Gun: The Pokemon sprays a jet of water at the foe, drenching them. The drenching effect lasts for three (3) actions after Water Gun is used. When drenched, the opponent's weakness to electric attacks is calculated at the next weakness level (e.g. 0.5x-1x, 1x-2x). Type immunity still applies, and Ground types cannot be paralyzed by Electric-type attacks, even when drenched. If combined with Hydro Pump, the Base Attack Power of Hydro Pump is increased by one and a half (1.5x) [e.g. Water Gun + Hydro Pump = 4 + (12 * 1.5) = 22] The drenched effect will still occur.

    Attack Power: 4 | Accuracy: 100% | Energy Cost: 3 | Attack Type: Special | Effect Chance: -- | Contact: No | Typing: Water | Priority: 0 | CT: Elemental
    I was thinking depths too. On Hard! (Makes it more worthwile)
    I'll bring Lucario, Cyclohm, Then 2 of Donphan, Scrafty, Serperior, Machamp and Cinccino (espescially if multi-hit moves don't count for deafening screech)

    Nidoqueen*, Klinklang, Arghonaut, Cyclohm, Milotic, Tomohawk, Voodoom, Blissey, Ferrothorn, Lapras, Krillowatt, Golurk, Rotom-C, Gastrodon East, Magnezone, Revenankh are all plausible for you, so choose the best 4 (Deffo Blissey)

    I might also suggest rotom wash, and Trick room (Maybe just paralysis, we have multible twavers) and Rain (Thunders and Boosted Water moves will be good for Aero espescially)?
    Also water gun will be very helpful, boosting the power of electric moves, and being usable with deafening screech.
    If we hadn't had so many misses, we'd have been fine, and Ho-oh would be down by now. I don't think we can Kill Ho-oh before either blissey or Tyranitar faints, so I suggest restarting (with gravity).
    I think it may b best to leave Lucario out of the LS, and include Tar. Luke will likely heal pulse a bit and is likely to be lower in threat level. (Also, nice spot on the ancient power!)
    I have to get Entei's Hard mode Glyph!!!! (Look at it!!!)

    This means we have to complete eye of the storm!!!!
    Ah good, I want to gather glyphs, so i can be competitive for the next expansion. (and Valour counters)

    Bring Tyranitar and Blissey please!

    Should I use some UC to get Cyclohm Light Screen?
    Fancy going raiding again? I'm loooking for a partner to Eye of the Storm, and you have a Blissey and Tyranitar...
    gdi SoS, with the summary, it was supposed to look more like this in the Gym Summary:

    -Mud patches around the arena have enough water to be considered usable as an external Water Source.
    --However, all the mud means that such attacks become Ground Type moves.
    --Moves using these Mud Patches are also treated as Water-Type Moves for the purposes of Abilities such as Storm Drain.
    --Pokemon hiding in Mud Patches, while retaining the normal properties of Dive (Bar Typing), is also treated as the move: Dig, for the purposes of moves like Earthquake, Earth Power, etc
    -Sky Drop, Fly, & Bounce all work like they normally do, but they do not gain enough altitude to successfully evade attacks.

    Replace dashes with Bullet Points, and...yeah.
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