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  • Sorry, maybe another day (it's past my bedtime, and I need to get up early...). I might be able to play around this time 3 or 4 days from now, though.
    Hey there! We're opponents for the Ubers Mini Tour, I'm GMT -5, free Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon.
    Ah, that's excellent. I'm also GMT+10. Sunday afternoon may be the best, I'll be on PS and probably #ubers as well. Just PM me when you're ready.
    Ah, I just left to go do dishes when you said that before. Coming on now, although I'll have to import my teams from PO.
    ah, sorry, i've been super busy the last few days and forgot to respond to your vm.

    i'm gmt -5 which will probably make it somewhat hard for us to get a battle done. i'm free anytime from noon to like 10pm my time though, so whenever that's okay with you (what time is it for you right now? it's noon for me, so i'm available for the next ten hours or so).
    yo, we're paired for bw ubers open rd two. when's a good time for you to play?
    could we do it on po2 possibly? ps doesnt work very well on my computer but if i absolutely had to i could use it, itd lag a lot tho :x
    When I login in the morning it's because to see if I have any messages, it's not that I see your messages and log off. I have school so that's why I leave once I log-on.

    What's your timezone?
    If you are on today, just let me know. I'll be on Smogon Server for most of the day. The nick on there is the same as my username.
    I submitted my team. If I am around on Friday it will probably be around 8pm EST but Saturday and Sunday should be all day unless something comes up.
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