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  • Okay, either time sounds good to me. I start work at 8:00 AM (I live in CST) and usually work until around 3:00 PM. On weekends I am mostly free. What time zone do you live in?
    I wont be available from Monday (1pm and after) to Sunday; so itd be great if we can get the battle done before Monday 1pm.
    yeah of course. i've been a lot less active but i still hang around in #genvuu and am happy to help :)
    If we could knock this out in the next 15 mins, that would be great. I live in Texas and watching the finals
    sorry I was away for awhile.. ok lets set up a date.. what time zone are you in? I'm in Central Time. I was thinking Sunday at 9:00 Central time would be when we are both on.. is that cool?
    hey, i can probably play this weekend since ill be on almost all day as well and only have a 1 hour time zone difference with you. ill make sure to submit my team by then.
    ugh sorry i must have missed you...if you dont have irc set up tomorrow dont worry, you can find me on po as "i'm a nuisance" under the gen v uu section and we can get some tutoring in tomorrow!
    alright cool, to use irc, you can use i'll explain this more in-depth through some other way of communication, such as po. if you see me online and have access to po, feel free to vm me so we can meet on it
    Hi, I'll be in the Smogon server as Splendiferous! so you can find me there. Hopefully we'll be on at the same time.
    yeah no problem, we can work on that tomorrow

    when are your usual times and timezone
    Hey I'm you new tutor! I hope we'll have a great time in learning the niches of a new generation and establishing a name for yourself! Do you know how to use irc, because it is integral to the process of learning.

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