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  • Sobradinho 2. Não sei se vou na LOP não, ainda não tenho um time decente de pokemons nível 100, e to com preguiça de treinar eles. Hehe.
    Pô, e eu só fui descobrir agora. Sou do DF também. Depois dá uma olhada no meu tópico de trocas e veja se algo te agrada lá. Abraço.
    Hmm... can you give me like fifteen minutes? I've got a couple other things I'm doing atm. I'm sorry. I'll VM you when I'm ready.
    That's perfectly fine. Did you want to spend your credit on anything right now? Or just wait until I update later on?

    I can meet you on wifi and pick it up then clone you back a copy if you need me to.
    You can keep a copy of it once you trade it back to me EVd (I'll send you a clone) and you are allowed to trade it in your thread, but the people that get it from you are not allowed to trade it.
    Just EV it with a spread of 252 HP/252 Special Attack/6 Special Defense and let me know when you're all done. Thanks again!
    I've honestly never had this much trouble connecting with someone on wifi =( Ours don't seem to get along very well at all. =P I'll try to catch you online later- I've got to go to sleep. It's getting super late here. Sorry about the lame wifi =(
    your welcome... dont know, i dont own hg or ss yet... in my plat im choosing verity lake were its water
    i got a good egg and im about to iv abuse the rng to get a squirtle with 31/31/31/31/31/31 in all ivs
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