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  • I went and got my freaking types wrong... I would have ko'd if i chose to stone edge but i thought Crunch was super effective.... fml.
    Man oh man am I out of experience.... I hate shoddy so much for being completely different than wi-fi... people on shoddy aren't as good.
    That always happens.... once I start battling I always request trades when I'm supossed to do a battle.
    I don't see the point in running a battles a battle, I seem to loose an awful lot to hax (however it didn't matter much there) i had nothing to counter sub mage. i was trying a few new things in my team so it was nice to see how they went. hope to battle again sometime.
    ohh wow... sorry dude I haven;t played in a while. whenever i did play latias wasnt.. sorry once again man
    i was like wthh!! he d/c'ed!!
    lol UU is my favorite / best tier. ^_^
    GG I guess. :)
    Still wouldve been fun to play the rest of the match out. D:
    I had to get rid of that Mismagius its a top threat to this team. ._.
    connecting problem ... I Hate France ><" , never good wifi ... -_-"""""""
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