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  • I KID, I KID

    pretty sure i don't have any
    although that may be just wishful thinking
    and that may sound egotistical
    man, fuck this, i'm going to ragequit
    Ah, fair enough. Yeah, I disappear too often (and I don't think I'm active enough on the forums) to be a "nick" or "avatar" that people recognize. But, fair-do's. :)
    um, I think sometime around my first day on here? definitely within the first week. I knew one of the admins before I joined.

    Why? :P
    What are you, Kristy Haruka? Black guys may be more physically imposing but you can't deny that japanese people LOVE bukkake on average more than any other
    they scream the best. When they TALK it sounds like they are trying to life something heavy at the same time, so when they scream/yell it's more intimidating
    well the goal is to get the smallest kitten, then the most number of angry japs you can. They need to be screaming of course and as soon as the kitten, surrounded, cries in terror they all blow their load all over the kitten. I don't see anything wrong with this at all
    I maintain my position that this is a lifestyle choice and a beautiful thing.
    in all likelihood it is not a real story, norulz and i were talking about it and the way it's written seems to point toward that

    ending is too cliché anyway

    i'm common reaction now thanks for the suggestion !
    Actually, the whole Landover church thing is one large, elaborate troll. They had me fooled at first, too.
    I purchased it on ebay for something like $10! You can try to find it or something I guess.
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