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  • John! Are you still there buddy? I hope you read this. How have you been my friend?
    im sorry to hear that, but glad to hear that you guys are getting back in it! Ive been doing some spriting over the time you had dissapeared and i feel ive really improved. Check out this dex of my fakemon to see what I mean

    also if you havent seen it, i tried to resprite the water squiid/crustacean thing. its the last post in the old thread
    aww man, i just went through the old thread

    a huge smile was on my face the whole time. I dont know if your game is still even being developed anymore, but if you wanted me to help i would be more than glad to.

    OH MAN I FELT SO BAD WHEN YOU LEFT, i really started to want to finish all the sprites for your game ;_;
    I hope you return, I really would like to finish this all for ya. I just need to know whats been updated and what still needs editing.
    Oh, they're fine, glad you have your job back! Well, I won't be available for long as I have to attend a family reunion out in the middle of nowhere from Friday-Monday, so no computer or even internet access. About the project, I just don't see what's going on in the Electric Tadpole/Frog. Although, that's just me. I would love to try at some revmps if you'd like. c:
    sorry about not being active last week, but I had to get ready for my grad party. now that thats over, I'm working on the earth bull younggin, and I'll work on the space android epic after that. then work on some redos and revamps :)
    But if I acknowledge the bad qualities of my message, I show that I understand when I'm being obnoxious and thereby also display that I do in fact have some social skills.

    I don't mean to be impatient or rude. I mean after all, you prolly have, you know, a life. BUT..........

    where's my comiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccc? come oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn.
    I've gotten in a bit of a pickle with my academics, so your fakemon dex drawings will take a while(I mean a LONG while). But it'll be worth it at the end!
    I'm going to be doing all your Fakemon you requested me to do.
    I'll provide a link for download later.
    Dude, what happened to our Make-Your-Own-Comic? I know that you don't have to do it, but if you aren't going to would you at least announce? Come on, seriously, this is ridiculous. Sorry if I'm sounding like a total douche, but I'm not sure how much longer I can wait.
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