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  • hey sunman only ev training right now so if you still want let me know how much you can do?
    Haha! Don't worry about it dude. It was my pleasure EV training for ya. The names on these 2 pokemon are friggin' awesome! :)
    as for the battle, sure I can wait for that. Gotta take care of the sister first before having fun. Totally understandable :). I'll be here when you are ready for battle sir xD
    Yes sir we are :). Thanks again!
    I'm working on a new UU team but I have another team that I can battle you with if you are up to play :D
    Well if I trade 2 useless pokes from my r4i, then you would only need to bring 4 more along with those 2 so that you can have your 2 scyther and magmortar and then an extra set for me to have sent over to my main SS game.
    Lol is it possible to catch 6 filler pokemon so I won't be holding onto your breloom and you won't be keeping the pokes without me being paid properly with them? XD
    Lol psh xD
    okiedokey! Meet me on wifi to pick up your pokes so I can transfer them to my other game and clone them. Then from there I pick up my pokes so you'll have 2 of both and the 3rd set gets traded back to my main SS game.

    In other words I trade back your pokes from my main SS cart > trade them to my SS r4i to clone > give you back 3 of each > trade back one set to my main SS cart.
    Sure thing! They won't know what hit them when they battle it. XD btw you have to trade them to my other SS game if you want them cloned and copies back. It's the last fc in my sig.
    Hey dude your pokes are ready for pick so I'll seeyou on wifi okay? Take down my r4i fc as well for the cloning too :)
    Hey dude! Your pokemon are almost finished okay? Just gotta do spe for totodile and nidoran and his sp.atk and I should be on wifi at about 330ish or in about 45mins.
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