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  • Lol. I'm sorry dude. Haha I was away at my friends house for the weekend and just got back. XD sorry to keep aqua waiting for me. I beat the game with aqua on Friday and moved onto ventus. My other friend beat the game with Terra and moved onto ventus as well but the only difference between us is he's still playing proud mode and I moved onto critical mode lol.

    We can do ALOT online such as VS. Mode against each other or if we can find more people we can free for all battle. We can do the battle arena, race against each other or play command board online I believe.

    Wait woops I read it wrong. I guess it's only ad hoc mode. No infrastructure mode included :(. Well it was worth a shot xD. But right now with ventus I'm up to radiant garden and level 30. What about you? Where are you now?
    Hey dude! Long time no speak :). I just wanted to send you a VM to say hi and let you know that I have psp and KH:BBS. So if you want to play online sometime, let me know okay? :) I'm not too far in the game but I should be okay lol.
    Yeah were it not for that i dont know if i would have won. my other two pokes were venosaur and alakazam
    I've heard many great things about that game so far. My friend says he's going to lend me his psp with the game when we get the chance to see each other. If it's like what everyone is saying, then I'll be hooked on that more than I will with pokemon until i beat it that is. XD
    Haha psp. I used to have one but I sold it as dsi was more captive in my eyes for entertainment.

    As for the team, I was thinking of changing:

    claydol for
    Azumarill for
    Magmortar for

    how does that look? I think it looks good with those changes. But I'll think on it to see how it plays out.
    I have another UU team if you'd like to play against it?

    Also is there any training you need done for your hp fight quiet spiritomb and modest magneton?

    Btw what did you think of that team I used?
    oh yea xD haha i wanted to test him, who else you had? I got locked on stone edge, so i could kill tomb, moltres and blastoise
    Probably gonna lose this one =/ I'm quite new to competitive battle (forgot Moltres hidden power)
    Its pretty good. I think what keeps your team close together is your spiritomb and your turtok. They do alot for your team when things seem to go good for the other opponent. I may go back to using ambipom as lead the moment I can find a sturdy enough team to help back her up. :)
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